1. Where do you live? Do you live alone?

I’m currently living alone in Östermalm, Stockholm.

2. Why did you move to Stockholm?

I moved as I began studying at the university. I’ve always enjoyed visiting Stockholm, and could always easily see myself living there.

3. What do you miss about Helsinki?

First and foremost family. Besides them, there’s a handful of friends I miss seeing very much. Then also the ability to speak Finnish! It’s sometimes so frustrating not to be able to speak one’s mother tongue.

4. Are you single?


5. What are you working with/studying?

I’m studying International relations, and applied for Social Anthropology for this spring.

6. Do you have siblings?

Unfortunately not.

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’ve finished my current studies, and continued them in terms of studying media / communications / fashion marketing. I’ve also (hopefully) landed a job within fields that actually interest me; working with international organizations would be ideal, if not one of the above.

8. When have you cried last?

Two days ago. Just an unexpected rush of feeling sad and lonely.

9. What things make you happy?

People close to me. Great food. Being able to be free, to do what I wish; guide my life to the direction I see fit.

10. What inspires you?

Definitely nature. It’s something bigger than us, and astonishingly beautiful. Then, again, people. Those who’ve chosen unexpected paths in life and worked for their dreams.

11. Your favorite accessory? Favorite piece of clothing?

Favorite accessory must be currently my black Givenchy buckle boots. Favorite piece of clothing the green mohair sweater from h&m shown in the last post.

12. What are you bad at? 

Singing. Some would probably say dancing as well.

13. Where would you travel now if you could choose?

To Lapland. I miss the silence and power of the wilderness.

14. What’s your favorite food & exercise? 

Food tartar steak or oven roasted beets. Exercise walking.


15. Who’s your biggest style inspiration?

Diana Vreeland.

16. A piece of clothing you would never wear?

Overalls, crop tops, bodies. Just not for me.

17. Who are the people closest to you?

My parents.

18. What do you fear?

To some extent, failure. To never be able to reach my dreams.

19. How has your style come about? Do you have a philosophy what comes to fashion?

Through trial and error. My philosophy is to wear comfortable & colorful, well cut, and well made.

20. What are your favorite brands?

Tibi, Saks Potts, Celine, La La Berlin, Sandro, &Other Stories, to name a few.



Outfit:  Coat / Acne,  Mesh shirt / H&M,  Skirt / Zara,  Bag / Stella McCartney, Boots / Stuart Weitzman 

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Good morning!

The sales season is on! As my sales shopping strategy is, well, strategic, I haven’t given up to the urge to go all nuts. But, a couple of great finds are always in place. These thick suit pants from h&m cost me 25€! I even took them to the sewers to get the legs shorter, and was still left below fifty bucks. Yes!

I also got myself a new fur coat from the Saks Potts sale, and a new pair of Asics sneakers. Walking a minimum 10 000 steps a day definitely requires comfortable shoes. Will be showing these to you as they arrive! The coat is, surprisingly, pink..

In case I won’t have the time write it later, Happy New Year everyone.


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It’s been many nights and mornings filled with exhaustion, confusion, not knowing what (or how!) to think.

But, never in my life have I had so many good moments and ”eureka” experiences. Fall down seven times, stand up eight.

This year was the first time I began the process of trusting myself, finding myself in a place where I can honestly say ”whatever happens, I will figure it out”.

In the beginning of the year, I fell in love, for what I think was the first time ever. He was the first one I took home to visit my family. It’s dangerous to place one’s own happiness into someone else’s arms.

As the fall came, everything fell to pieces. And I fell. There was no closure, I was in the dark, any motivation or enthusiasm towards basically anything disappeared slowly, I felt tired and drained around the clock, pointless.

And so I stopped taking care of what was left of myself. I didn’t sleep. I didn’t eat. I often didn’t bother to get out of bed at all. My clothes got dirty, the dishes piled up. Not to mention the schoolwork.

But as weeks turned to months, I began slowly taking steps back to life. I couldn’t let the university go out the window, so I forced myself to keep the studies on track. Just manually getting up in the morning, going to the library, getting things done. I was incredibly disappointed in just about everything.

”Two steps forward, one step back”. Months went on, and I discovered that I had gotten strong. Still, every other day, I found myself crying from an occasional fitting room. It wasn’t just because of the break-up; I was angry at myself. Angry for letting myself fall so far I didn’t seem to know how to get up. My bulimia was acting.

Then came the panic attacks at school. Again followed by the feeling of being different, somehow disabled, when not being capable to pull off a routine thing.

But in the end, I got myself into balance.

This year I’ve taken huge steps towards where I want to be.

For years have I talked about taking up blogging again, which I did.

I have met great people.

I’ve become closer with my family and relatives than I’ve ever been.

I’ve learned to love myself again. Learned how to take care of myself. How to appreciate myself and how to say no when no needs to be said. How to better accept the negative feelings and disappointments and feel through them instead of pushing everything aside.

I enjoy the small things. That life is a perfect imbalance.


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Good evening!

I admire strong, colorful women. Women who pave the way, create, rejoice. Who work hard and make everything seem effortless and doable. Those kind of women who don’t just sit and talk, but show us how it’s done. Women who make me believe in myself a little more. Above are some of my favorite Instagram influencers style-wise – behind whom is often a stone hard career within fashion. Whenever in need of that little extra spark of inspiration, just glancing at these accounts does the trick! I salute you, ladies.


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