Coat / HAFNIUM, Shirt / HM, Skirt / ZARA, Bag / CELINE 

HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES 101: Whether expensive or not, making your wardrobe last longer saves a long penny shopping-wise. And who would like to see their favorite pieces become worn out and trashy?

Wash as rarely as possible, rather put them in fresh air overnight. Hand wash or dry clean pieces with more delicate fibers, such as mohair, cashmere, or angora.

If the surface of the knit gets bumpy, a cashmere comb will help to smooth it out; and if you lack such a luxury, a shaver is a good replacement. Remember to pull the fabric tight before beginning the shaving in order to avoid unwanted holes.


Whenever not in use, fill the bags with for example plastic wrap (or get creative!) to avoid losing the form.

If made out of leather, use grease regularly. Just a thin, transparent layer spread overall the surface every now and then will keep the bag and the owner happy.

Keep an eye on the forecast; delicate leathers lose easily shape when in touch with water.

Keep your make-up in a bag. A simple but a golden rule. One accidentally open red lipstick, and you can kiss goodbye that beautiful suede lining.


When buying new shoes, directly treat them with a protection spray. Also use wax, colored or transparent, every now and then.

The shoemaker is your best friend. If your heels / heel pieces get worn out, replacing them will at best add years to the life of the shoe.

Rain = dry them the second you get indoors.

Boots? Support the shoe by placing rolled newspaper inside. No one wants slouchy shoes which need pulling up!

In case of leather shoes, use a wooden or plastic model inside the shoe when not in use. This will maintain the last and uphold the fit.


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Coat/Saks Potts, Knit & Pants/HM, Shoes/Adidas Originals

…and wearing pink pants once in a while.

We’ve had a couple of wonderfully sunny days in Stockholm lately, and it really feels like spring is just around the corner. Unfortunately, I’ve not been too able to enjoy the loving weather; first suffering from what I self-diagnosed as noro-virus, followed by a chronic pain in my throat which has also taken away my voice. So lately I’ve been coughing and whispering around with a rusty whiskey voice. Some say it’s sexy, some might think it’s annoying, but mostly it’s seen as adorable when I’m with all seriousness trying to carry out an argument whilst sounding like a drunk grandma.

Yesterday was Valentine’s day, and we had the most wonderful dinner at Nosh & Chow. Earlier in the day I had my first exam of the semester, so it was extra special having a nice, relaxed dinner afterwards. Clothing-wise, I’ve been hyper about colors lately. They’ll definitely going to be a combining theme of this spring’s outfits.

Wish you all well-being and sunny days.


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Good morning!

For someone always looking for inspiration, the Instagram save -button has shown to be very handy. Above are some of my saved favorites from this week. ATM I’m very enthusiastic about pastel colors, bling, velvet and simple art, as you might notice.

Wishing everyone a great Saturday! It’s sunny in Stockholm, and I’m off to a powerwalk by the sea.


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Pants/H&M, Blouse/MaxMara, Sneakers/Asics, Bag/Celine


Anyone who’s tried their luck in being a style blogger knows, that it isn’t always exactly as simple as it looks like. There are some, perhaps amusing, downsides and issues which you’ll encounter sooner or later – things you otherwise wouldn’t even think about. Here are some which I’ve come to deal with.

  1. Parked (and moving) cars. A beautiful street which would be a perfect background for an outfit shoot – upwards from the top of one’s head. Because everything beneath is full of oddly colored cars which so do not coordinate with what one’s wearing.
  2. Not having a marble table or a tumblr bathroom to shoot your beauty products in.
  3. Your meal is good but hella ugly.
  4. When you’ve just managed to fit school, sports, friends, nutrition and blogging to your schedule, and realize that some sleep would do some good as well.
  5. Single bloggers; when you don’t have an Instagram husband to record all your best dressed everyday moments. Happy wife happy life!


Have a fabulous Friday!


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