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Here we go, my first official post. A little nervous, but let’s do this!

I’m Hertta, a 20-year old young woman from Stockholm. I moved here in last September from Espoo, Finland, and during the past year Stockholm has become a new home to me. The transition hasn’t always been easy, as I suppose it rarely is when moving abroad, but I’m feeling like I’ve gained a huge deal. The wonderful people around me have multiplied, and I’ve even come closer with some old acquaintances. I can’t help but to love this city, and I think I’ll be writing about my experiences here up to a fair amount.

I adore fashion and playing dress up. Materials, patterns, colors, cuts, doing things a little out of line and making dressing art. Or practical, or useful, the limits are few. The valuable, precious things in life are many, but here I’ll be concentrating on beauty. Apart from style I guess I’ll be serving you pieces about living abroad, tips for both Helsinki & Stockholm, traveling experiences & advice, and perhaps even something personal every now and then.

This was my two cents this time, hope you guys have had a great start to the new week!



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