Cardicoat & mules/zara, Bag/Stella McCartney, Pants/Sand Copenhagen



So on tuesday evening I found myself booking flights to Helsinki. I flew here the next afternoon, and have been enjoying the company of old friends & family since then. Besides meeting my nearest and dearest, it’s been lovely to notice all the new restaurants and stores that have opened their doors since my last visit. I’ve been basically running around town like a headless chicken, but heck it’s great to be back. I’ll be staying until wednesday, after which I still have a ”soft landing” week off at Stockholm before Uni starts.

During the past few years Helsinki has really become a vibrant, urban city, which has a lot to offer for both tourists and permanent inhabitants. I will be doing a larger post of my visit & what I’ve discovered! But now as I’m in a hurry to town to meet some friends, here’s what I have to offer: a quick outfit post from today. I’m such a sucker for chunky knits & cardicoats. Although I’m not really rooting for zara usually, I simply couldn’t resist this one!

Laters babes!


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