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Greetings from the world of procrastination, coffee, sleep-medicin like books, no-make up days and coffee again, readers! The semester has officially begun. With a boom, our reading lists have apparently been designed to eliminate any social life, work or hobbies people might have. The subject is International Political Economy for those who wonder. Thank god for us ladies we can multitask, and here I am writing an outfit post with a book open by my side.

In Stockholm it’s getting a little chilly, but not chilly enough for heavier coats or layering.

So, the knit season is on! I’ve made a promise to myself not to buy a single knit this fall. I counted mine and I have nearly 20 pieces existing. What I’ll be doing the following weeks is making the most out of my current wardrobe, finding new ways to combine the nearly-forgotten items. I love doing this from time to time! It’s really easy to forget what one already has and go for the new beautiful fall looks the shops are filled with. All that is needed is just a little imagination; you can start by placing a selection of pieces on your bed, and begin eyeing for with colors/patterns look interesting next to each other. Or start playing with materials. Is there some juicy combination in there you haven’t thought about? Glitter paired with floral, a chunky knit with a skirt instead of the usual jeans? The options are countless, just remember to throw aside your existing patterns of thought about what should be worn with what!

Yesterday I wore this beautiful pink-plated skirt from &Other stories. I have a top to match, and never really thought it could be worn with something else. But ta-daa, a little forest green to pair it with and we’re ready set go for anything! Casual but dressed up. Plated skirts are a definite trend this fall, especially in metallic colors!


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