Coat/Hafnium Copenhagen, Knit/No21, Pants/Malene Birger, Clutch/Saint Laurent, Shoes/Adidas Originals


Happy Friday!

This week has been quite something. But, the fact that I got to see so many of my close friends between the haphazard running around, makes me very satisfied. To be able to keep up with a life including so many different aspects can take it’s tall. Combining whole time studies, blogging, exercising, keeping up social relations and a well-structured diet can get a little, um, dull-ish. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t live without routines. They’re what I need to build my life upon if I wish to be productive and happy. But in order for the everyday life not to get too perfunctory, some everyday luxury is needed every once in a while.

So, what can one combine with the basics in order to make life just a little better?

I enjoy long hot showers. Not just for the purpose of getting clean and on the run, but really getting into the hot, running water without hurry or stress. This combined with a really thick, heavy hair mask, a soft bathrobe and slippers makes one feel like staying in a hotel for the evening.

Small beauty-related treats. Matching, beautiful underwear (and well-fitted!). Using a bit of highlighter, lipgloss and perfume going grocery shopping. Keeping one’s toenails always in fleek, no matter the time of the year – so you can feel the red nail polish secretly burning under your winter UGG’s.

Sheets. Need I say more? I’m a sheets fan. And a pillows fan. I make my bed every single morning, and a thing I’m not willing to bargain in is the enjoyment of a well combined bed setting. A thick thread count sheets combined with heavy down covers, as well as good pillows are a must have. And make it all match.

Giving oneself a permission to sometimes take the easy way. Go for the take out in days when cooking feels like an absolutely destructive effort. Get a tall latte on the go when the home-made brew coffee tastes even more like wood than usual. Take the uber instead of the bus when it’s raining and you’re already 20 minutes late. Money well spent is money spent on reducing stress.




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Sunday Dinner at Riche : Coat/H&M, Bag/Givenchy, Shoes/Moncler

The bags under my eyes are socially constructed..!

Wouldn’t I just love writing “my day” posts for you. It’s just that dozens of pictures of book pages and Adobe Acrobat Reader aren’t exactly a main asset for running a style focused blog. This Wednesday I’ll submit my first exam (!), after which I’ll finally be able to catch my breath.

Today I woke up at 2am. And 4am. And, finally, 6.30am, 1,5 hours before my set alarm.

Never in my life have I had trouble sleeping. I’ve always been the one who snoozes hours longer than others at sleepovers, my friends keeping company to my parents at breakfast tables whilst I’ve been snoring in the bedroom. But, the tables have turned. Nowadays my sleep has become so fragile I’m doing everything in my power to hold on to the last bits left. I’ve also began experiencing the weirdest dreams! The other night I had this dream that I was a cat to a 40-ish woman, wiggled my tail and went around in all fours. The kind lady petted me on the back for being such a good cat, and I meowed in gratitude. Explain that, huh? Nonetheless, in my desperation I’ve come up with a few helpful practices to ease the process of falling asleep.

Some tips I’ve noticed might work for a better night’s sleep:
  • Keeping a  low temperature. I always seek to keep my bedroom at 19c, nothing more horrible that rolling around in bed for hours with a cold sweat pushing through.
  • No binging late at night. Although I usually go for long walks rather late and need to fuel myself after, I try to spoon down my last meal before 19 in order for it not to disturb my sleep. If the hunger strikes after that, I’ll opt for fruits or blueberry soup.
  • Reading a bit before bed. This has proven to be the best one. If possible, a book or a magazine, but for me it’s usually NYC Times or Hesari from my phone screen. I know, I know, screens aren’t exactly considered the best sleeping medicine; in the shortage of options I’ve tried to convince myself that the “night mode” would be less disturbing.
  • Make a to-do list of the stressful things going through the mind. Lovely to wake up at 4am only to go through next days assignments over and over again, preparing your answers mentally beforehand? This can be reduced with detailed lists of what needs to be done. It’s easy to overestimate the workload and get all stressed out!
  • Melatonin. As I relate to actual sleeping medicine with high caution, melatonin has gained a green light from me. Meant for short term usage, it has shown to be a massive help for the most desperate of times. But no medicine comes without possible side effects; research has shown that melatonin causes for example nightmares. Perhaps the cat dream was all fueled, who knows!

All tips will be received with an enormous gratitude.


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Marseille Soap, A Perfect World Eye Cream Origins, Skin Balancing Exfoliating Cleaner Elisabeth Arden, Soothing Hydration mask Kiehl’s, Lip balm antioxidant Grown Alchemist. 


These beautiful autumn days seem to fly by with the speed of light. We spent a wonderful Saturday out in the nature picking mushrooms at Drottningholm, and were pleasantly surprised with myriad of porcini! You know what that means; a mean ass italian risotto Sunday.

But now I’m here to discuss my skincare routine & makeup picks of this month.

My skin – where to begin. It doesn’t seem fit into any category, and feels like it has a will of it’s own. The traditional categorizing for skin types doesn’t seem to fit at all, since my skin basically decides every morning how it’s going to behave for the rest of the day. Sometimes itchy dry, sometimes greasy, sometimes bursting with hormonal acne and sometimes smooth as a baby’s bottom. Need I mention it’s proven to be quite difficult to find skincare products? My hormonal acne is also such that at times it decides to leave scars, sometimes it heals with no traces left behind.

Still some products have come to stay. As I nowadays rarely wear heavy layers of make up, the skincare routine has become ever so essential in keeping my skin glowing and healthy-looking. Moisturizing masks that are applied the night before have definitely become my “thing”. I also peel my skin rather often; around once in every two days in order to make it look less gloomy. Probably not exactly what dermatologists would recommend, but it has worked magic for me.

Licorice serum & Peeling Facial mask, Deep Sea Water Mask. V10Plus. Received 


I begin my mornings by washing my face with a peeling facial wash by Estee Lauder, or use Marseille soap and apply a peeling mask. If I haven’t had a moisturizing mask during the night, I apply one now. The overnight Deep Sea Water mask from v10Plus is a life savior. After having the mask on for 20 minutes, I wash it off and apply 5 drops of their licorice serum.

After the serum has absorbed, I finish the procedure with NUORI skin oil drops and some thick eye cream from Origins. I found V10Plus masks first roughly a year ago, and have been using them for both peeling & moisturizing ever since. I was very glad when I got contacted to try out their serums, and they as well have proven to work well with my skin.

A perfect world moisturizer, Origins. Perfecting Facial Oil & Vital Facial Cream, NUORI

During the day:

If I’m not wearing any make up, I usually go through my face with Clinique toner at some point of the day. It sometimes happens that I get the feeling of my skin getting slightly greasy or “dirty”. I avoid having contact with my hands and my face at all times in order to keep the impurities out. Whenever the skin might feel dry-ish, I usually respond with a small drop of NUORI skin oil applied to cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and above eyebrows.

Even though I don’t wear much make up, I still got a couple tricks down my pocket. I often line my lips, brush my eyebrows & lashes with eyebrow wax and use colorless or nude lip gloss. I got to try out the Plump Up -lip liner from Elisabeth Arden in color “nude”, and have been using it since. I’m very carefree and drink a lot of both water and coffee during the day. Thus the durability of lip products is a very important for me when deciding between items. This one is waterproof and hasn’t so far encountered any trouble with staying intact. The matching Plush up -lipstick has also been nice color wise, although I usually enjoy a thicker texture in lip products.

From bottom to top: Cool Glow Cheek tint shade “pink perfection”, Gelato Lipstick “Nude  Fizz”, Plump Up Liner “Nude”. Elisabeth Arden, received.


After a long (or a short) day, washing my face is high up the list of things I do as soon as I get home. Using Marseille soap I wash my face under running water, enjoying the warmth on my skin. After this I apply 5 drops of Licorice, Vitamin A and Vitamin C serums. I did a serum test online which resulted in these three being the ones my skin most benefits of. I usually react to these sort of things cautiously, but these ones have been a helpful step in the routine. I swear my skin has shown a new level of glow!

Again, when giving the serums some time to absorb, I choose a moisturizer. I use both NUORI and Origins, depending on the greasiness of my skin; as NUORI has a lighter formula, Origins helps to really moisturize even the driest winter day skin. If my skin sucks in the moisturizer quickly, I take this as a sign of hunger for more, and apply an over night moisture mask.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday afternoon! 


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1. Mochino, 3620sek 2. Miss Selfridge, 795sek 3. J.W Anderson 4015sek 4. Current/Elliot, 2100sek 5. Loeffler Randall, 4095sek 6. No 21, 6635sek   7. Carousel Jewels, 1725sek

If a fairy godmother would grant me three wishes,

the first two would probably be world piece and the end of hunger. But! To be honest, the third one would probably be to get to decide each morning what to wear with no budget & only the limits of my imagination. Sorry not sorry.

It has become as clear as ever that The checked jacket is the nro 1 statement piece of the fall. It might’ve easily been the most visible item on the streets of the past weeks of fashion in Europe. The masterminds at Balenciaga, Fendi and Stella Mccartney have all created their own versions, and the High Street has followed in their footsteps – the piece above is from Miss Selfridge, costing only 795kr! The best thing about a classical jacket such as this is that it can be dressed either up or down, whichever is suitable for the occasion.

As I mentioned here, my relationship to jewelry is complicated. But I’ve began to really eye for earrings, either flashy or graphic. Especially JW Anderson has truly showed their skills in creating very beautiful pieces this fall! These signature golden earrings are to die for. Wishing everyone a productive Wednesday!


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