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The month’s, or perhaps even season’s, largest shopping-palooza is finally over. Black Friday, or Black Week, combined with something I recently found out called “Cyber Monday” (Seriously, who comes up with these names?) has grown to nearly biblical measures under the recent years. Connecting to Thanksgiving in the States, what is even Black Friday for us? A great opportunity to create needs for items no one actually needs, it seems.

As a 20year millennial, I’m amongst one of the largest target groups of the advertisers. This Black Friday, I didn’t buy anything. But heck, would I have liked to. It’s scary how all the advertisement gets to one. From first being totally oblivious that one might need something new, suddenly craving to type the digits of my visa to myriad of web shops. All and everything started to feel tempting, luring, with sales tags on and the light, buzzy atmosphere. My old clothes, in my thoughts, lost their spark, their beauty, and started to feel dusty and worn; replaceable. New is always better.

As it’s obvious that this is an ongoing phenomena, sales-shopping should be encountered with light caution. Always always keep in mind what you actually need and came after, instead of what you want in the moment. Make lists. I do! Right now on my list of things to get is for example a basic black turtleneck sweater, and black leather military boots. If they’ll be on sale, I’ll be over the moon. So it’s not just a bad thing to get a little crazy with the sales shopping, just something to think about. Keeping one’s eyes in the price may result in some successful savings in sales!


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Good Morning Saturday!

Eat-Sleep-Read-Repeat. A couple of days ago when it snowed, my friend Katriina hit me up quickly to go shooting in the winter wonderland. Wonderland. We had both totally forgotten that in the city, snow means grey slush.

But never mind, here are some results! The Acne coat has now been a bulletproof go-to jacket for two winters straight. Hard to go wrong with it. Plus it’s actually very warm, especially with all the buttons and zippers closed – a process which takes a good while, beauty > practicality in this case. Something that one can’t see from the outside, is that the coat is also rather heavy. My estimation is at least 5kg? Going around town in it means good cardio.

Off to the library, where Saturday and Sunday will be spent in. I’ll be so relieved on Monday, after the worst (Economic thought’s history) is over! It’s been one of those weeks where you just push yourself up the bed and through the days without further thinking. Just keeping on moving. I know that if I stand still now, I’ll probably be sleeping for days straight.





Red Angel lipstick / Make Up Store


As you might’ve seen in my insta story, yesterday we had a fun day touring in Stockholm with our Finnish press crew. We visited Make Up Store HQ, Sturebadet and Farang. I always forget how effortless it’s when being around other Finns. Just speaking out what ever comes to mind without having to translate it = happiness! Always nice to have people from back home visiting town.

The morning began with a breakkie at Make Up Stores HQ with Mika Liias and their team.

It’s been a while since I’ve done or encountered anything new make up -related. This was a positive surprise! We had two make up artists on set telling us about the products and showing how they work in action. I had no idea for example that all their products are in the progress of becoming vegan, from synthetic brushes to replacing bees wax with vegan ingredients. I’ve been long using their shadow and bronzer in my daily make up for their great pigment and longevity, so the brand itself has been familiar. As someone in our group put it, it makes one proud to see Finns behind such first-rate brands, doing what they love and doing it well.

Especially two things stood out from our visit. The people behind the brand, and that every product was well thought through. A Brand which stands behind their values isn’t what you always see these days, even though environmentalism has been a trend. For example all proceeds from purchasing the Red Angel lipstick are donated to helping children in the streets of Uganda. Behind this is a Swedish NGO called “Emma & Therese Children’s Project” by Emma Kock, which has been operational since 2011. And this is all made very beautifully, I mean look at the packing design!

After the breakfast we did a detour around Sturebadet, after which we sat down to Farang for a late lunch.

As it’s one of my favorite restaurants in Helsinki, I was thrilled. The delicious sharing food experience was successfully transferred to Stockholm, can nothing but recommend. Sharing is caring! The rest of the day was spent in the library, as will be today as well. Have a fabulous friday everyone!



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Good afternoon!

It’s time to talk about my favorite skincare products of this month. As I have mentioned, I have suffered, and still suffer from hormonal acne at times. My skin is smooth, but has spider veins and darker spots from previous impurities. I have a tendency for couperosa, which means that my skin is easily red and unevenly colored. But with the good daily skincare routine I wrote about HERE, I have been able to tackle these issues to a minimum. I have changed my routine a bit during the latest month, plus incorporated some new products. Honestly, my skin has never been this good for this long periods at a time.

Every single morning and evening my skincare routine goes: 1.Wash, 2.(peel), 3.apply toner, 4.apply serums, 5.apply eye cream, 6.apply moisturizer. Below are the best products I’ve been using lately.


  • v10Plus Serums (Received)

I began by doing a serum test on their website. After having described my skin issues in detail, I was recommended these three serums: Licorice, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. I’ve been applying some drops of each on the clean face twice a day, and the results have been great. The redness has reduced drastically, and the marks I’ve had from previous breakouts have began to heal. Vitamin C especially is known to heal uneven colorings of the skin. I’ve always overlooked the necessity of using a serum, which I regret now. It’s not a hoax people!

  • Sephora Purifying & Mattifying Mud Mask

This has been a “breakout morning” savior. As good cleansing masks can usually cost a long penny, it’s also pleasantly affordable, 160kr a large-ish jar. This Sephora mud mask actually feels like it’s sucking the impurities out of your skin, and leaves a smooth and even result. Recommended! I was first given a small sample when shopping, and came back for the whole thing.

  • Medik8  Blemish Control Pads

I’ve been using these at times after toner. The Salicylic Acid is great in reducing pores and redness, and leaves the skin cells closed and smooth.

  • Lovefresh lemon deo-stick

Who likes Citrus? This “Mediterranean in a stick” deodorant has a wonderful, fresh lemon scent. Small enough to carry with, but has a lot of power. Strongly recommended for anyone who travels frequently!

  • Origins “A perfect World” SPF 20 Eye Cream

An all time favorite. Leaves the skin around the eyes moisturized, no sign of eye bags. Also disguises some color changes! I’ve been using this product now for around a year, and will definitely keep on doing so.

  • Clinique Moisture Surge – moisturizer

As the weather gets colder, the skin is really put under a test. An icy wind can easily take it’s tall in drying the skin up. The Moisture surge by Clinique feels like a miracle in a jar. I always put a thick layer above all serums in the evening, and wake up with a plumb and moist, healthy skin in the morning.

Any good skincare tips from you guys?


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