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….To not perhaps such a surprising destination, Helsinki.

It’s been since Summer since I’ve last visited home. As I mentioned in the last post, there’s a lot going on University-wise at the moment – but I was still able to squeeze a trip to fri-tue! What would be a better place to do some studying than beside mom’s cooking pots. Whenever I travel home, a switch from Adult to Kid goes on in my head. And I think it goes the same way for my folks. Every time I move into my old room for a couple of days, they instantly begin phoning me ”when are you coming home” and ”dinner’s at 7” if I’m out at town. Which is so precious.

Had I had the possibility to live with my parents, I probably would have for half a year or a year longer. Beginning University itself is quite a large step in someone’s life, not to mention moving far away from ones family while doing it. What I really long for is having relaxed weekend dinners at my parents’ place. Having someone to meet me at the airport when coming home (Although they’re in the Helsinki end!). Being able to call upon an emergency family meeting when something terrible happens. Or just going for a walk and talk whenever needed. These every day things you miss out on when living abroad.

I don’t think I’ve told anyone I’m coming. My essay won’t write itself, and I need to focus mainly on that. Besides family, of course. I would love to be able to meet friends as well, but perhaps that needs to wait until the longer Christmas break.

Bargaining on flights, I’m flying 6.40 tomorrow. If anyone sees a zombie girl with way too much hand luggage at Arlanda, don’t hesitate to high five me!


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