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Good Morning from Helsinki!

I’m writing this as I’m sitting on a hairdresser. A weekend full of family-time, meeting old and new friends, talking my mothers tongue, watching Finnish TV, and walking around the beautiful November Helsinki has made me feel so fulfilled. I’ve managed to do some essay writing as well once in a while, so no slacking this vacay! As my dirty blonde roots had grown quite long, I decided that now was the time to book a treat for myself and go have my hair fixed. Definitely a good decision, it’s raining outside and having someone pamper me on a Monday morning feels like luxury.

Saturday was All Hallows’ day, and our family spent it in a Mozart concert at Johanneksenkirkko. Then on Sunday we had an afternoon brunch at Sandro. As I’ll be away a week from now on Fathers’ day, we decided on celebrating a week early! A wonderful combination of salty and sweet flavors, mint tea, tender lamb and hummus was the bees knees – I ate so much I couldn’t imagine having a single bite before 9pm.

Somehow, all of my friends from Stockholm seem to be in town as well. On Friday right after arriving, I was walking down a street in Helsinki, and heard someone calling my name. Turning around, the first familiar face I saw on my trip was a friend from Stockholm. Then last night we got together with the Stockholm girl gang for drinks; actually a very weird but pleasant feeling seeing these babes in Helsinki!

Enjoying a Monday off, I’ll be going around town running necessary errands (Like buying Finnish licorice). Probably spending some time at the library, too. Have a good week guys!


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