Boots/Stuart Weitzman, Pullover/Acne Studios, Skirt/Zara, Fur/Hafniumn Copenhagen, Beanie/COS

Hello! Anyone there?

The finals of this semester are closing, and the sneaky stress is creeping in. This has resulted in silence here as well. Overall everything has been well, apart from slight push backs. I for example totally forgot to apply for spring semester. And realized my mistake a month after the application had closed. But! Apparently it’s still somewhat fixable, and I’ll be able to continue my studies – if not, plan B will be put to use (What that is, I don’t know yet, but lord am I good at swinging it). Ha-Ha, cry-laughter. I feel like whenever I’ve got a lot on my plate, things begin to fall through the cracks and obvious things disappear from my consciousness. The concept of time gets blurry, and days begin to blend so that they’re hard to tell apart.

What to make out of all this? I definitely have space to grow as a planner & organizer! This will be a focus for the remaining fall semester.

But here we are with a wintery outfit update!

Never in my life since turning 13 have I enjoyed wearing any sort of a hat at wintertime. I just decided that I look like an egg head with a beanie, and that was the end of an era. This week I gathered my strength and went for this COS beanie – the cold wind really got to me. Perhaps I’ve grown to be a little more practical, or comfortable, however you like to put it. My wardrobe piece for the winter is however the rosso antico coat. I’ve been ever so pleased with this fur from Hafnium. Even though the color is slightly risky, it’s unbelievably easy to mix and match with nearly what ever – all what’s needed is a little imagination.

Earlier I’ve talked about how it’s been getting colder here; well, that all feels like summer compared to the weather now. Freezing! But clear, which is all that matters; whenever it’s not raining, I’m not complaining.


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