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It’s time to talk about my favorite skincare products of this month. As I have mentioned, I have suffered, and still suffer from hormonal acne at times. My skin is smooth, but has spider veins and darker spots from previous impurities. I have a tendency for couperosa, which means that my skin is easily red and unevenly colored. But with the good daily skincare routine I wrote about HERE, I have been able to tackle these issues to a minimum. I have changed my routine a bit during the latest month, plus incorporated some new products. Honestly, my skin has never been this good for this long periods at a time.

Every single morning and evening my skincare routine goes: 1.Wash, 2.(peel), 3.apply toner, 4.apply serums, 5.apply eye cream, 6.apply moisturizer. Below are the best products I’ve been using lately.


  • v10Plus Serums (Received)

I began by doing a serum test on their website. After having described my skin issues in detail, I was recommended these three serums: Licorice, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. I’ve been applying some drops of each on the clean face twice a day, and the results have been great. The redness has reduced drastically, and the marks I’ve had from previous breakouts have began to heal. Vitamin C especially is known to heal uneven colorings of the skin. I’ve always overlooked the necessity of using a serum, which I regret now. It’s not a hoax people!

  • Sephora Purifying & Mattifying Mud Mask

This has been a ”breakout morning” savior. As good cleansing masks can usually cost a long penny, it’s also pleasantly affordable, 160kr a large-ish jar. This Sephora mud mask actually feels like it’s sucking the impurities out of your skin, and leaves a smooth and even result. Recommended! I was first given a small sample when shopping, and came back for the whole thing.

  • Medik8  Blemish Control Pads

I’ve been using these at times after toner. The Salicylic Acid is great in reducing pores and redness, and leaves the skin cells closed and smooth.

  • Lovefresh lemon deo-stick

Who likes Citrus? This ”Mediterranean in a stick” deodorant has a wonderful, fresh lemon scent. Small enough to carry with, but has a lot of power. Strongly recommended for anyone who travels frequently!

  • Origins ”A perfect World” SPF 20 Eye Cream

An all time favorite. Leaves the skin around the eyes moisturized, no sign of eye bags. Also disguises some color changes! I’ve been using this product now for around a year, and will definitely keep on doing so.

  • Clinique Moisture Surge – moisturizer

As the weather gets colder, the skin is really put under a test. An icy wind can easily take it’s tall in drying the skin up. The Moisture surge by Clinique feels like a miracle in a jar. I always put a thick layer above all serums in the evening, and wake up with a plumb and moist, healthy skin in the morning.

Any good skincare tips from you guys?


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