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As you might’ve seen in my insta story, yesterday we had a fun day touring in Stockholm with our Finnish press crew. We visited Make Up Store HQ, Sturebadet and Farang. I always forget how effortless it’s when being around other Finns. Just speaking out what ever comes to mind without having to translate it = happiness! Always nice to have people from back home visiting town.

The morning began with a breakkie at Make Up Stores HQ with Mika Liias and their team.

It’s been a while since I’ve done or encountered anything new make up -related. This was a positive surprise! We had two make up artists on set telling us about the products and showing how they work in action. I had no idea for example that all their products are in the progress of becoming vegan, from synthetic brushes to replacing bees wax with vegan ingredients. I’ve been long using their shadow and bronzer in my daily make up for their great pigment and longevity, so the brand itself has been familiar. As someone in our group put it, it makes one proud to see Finns behind such first-rate brands, doing what they love and doing it well.

Especially two things stood out from our visit. The people behind the brand, and that every product was well thought through. A Brand which stands behind their values isn’t what you always see these days, even though environmentalism has been a trend. For example all proceeds from purchasing the Red Angel lipstick are donated to helping children in the streets of Uganda. Behind this is a Swedish NGO called ”Emma & Therese Children’s Project” by Emma Kock, which has been operational since 2011. And this is all made very beautifully, I mean look at the packing design!

After the breakfast we did a detour around Sturebadet, after which we sat down to Farang for a late lunch.

As it’s one of my favorite restaurants in Helsinki, I was thrilled. The delicious sharing food experience was successfully transferred to Stockholm, can nothing but recommend. Sharing is caring! The rest of the day was spent in the library, as will be today as well. Have a fabulous friday everyone!



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