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Good evening!

Today was the first snowy day here. Which was wonderful! Couldn’t help but to feel a childlike enthusiasm as I woke up and saw the snowy roof tops. I had a day off, which in University never means an actual day off, but studying. I managed to fit a quick coffee-and-chat to lunch time with my friend Lotta, which was super nice! Aside from that today has included laundry, food-prepping and a long walk.

What’s going to happen this week?

Tomorrow there’ll be a seminar (yaiks) at 9am, which is the only uni attendance this week. But! As I mentioned, that certainly doesn’t call for vacation. Next Monday I have a large Economic history exam, accompanied by a 10min powerpoint presentation on Tuesday. Prepping will be starting this evening, and the days will be spent largely in the library. I need to do some reading every day, including the weekend, so it’ll be library-sleep-powerwalk-eat week ahead.

The last couple of seminars have gone all right social anxiety / panic wise. We have been able to hold small, couple of minute presentations about our independent studies from our own seats. I’ve gained some confidence, and speaking up doesn’t feel that terrifying from one’s own seat. Still, there are some fears and noises in my head that are trying to gain space. I concentrate on looking at the person I’m speaking to, and sticking to the subject: knowing exactly what I talk about has also helped. As well as saying out loud that hey, I’m a little unsure about this. It’s still a long way to go, but I’m happy with my progress for the time being!

This weeks plans also include booking my Christmas trip to Finland, and planning our family trip to Tallinn during the semester. Very excited for the upcoming holidays, caught myself listening to Justin Biebers ’Mistletoe’ today.

Why did I make a post about this weeks plans, as mine are pretty much as exciting as a snails (Sorry, snail)? Just thought that well, perhaps everything on social media has to be flashy and fabulous. At least a large part of my life is just the regular every day living.


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Cardigan/LaLa Berlin, Turtleneck/Zadig&Voltaire, Pants/Zara, Bag/Givenchy, Sunnies/Celine, Sneakers/Nike

When I was 4 years old, I wanted to be a Police or a Fireman when I grow old. Behind this might be the fact that I got along better with boys than girls in Daycare, haha. 

But since then, I’ve had no clue what so ever what I want to make out of myself. Or perhaps that’s wrong said; I’ve had directions I wish to go towards, but no concrete goal to strive for. In some way, I’ve always been a little envious of people who’ve known their path beforehand since their teens. It definitely would’ve made a soother sail. But, I’m definitely not regretting finding mine out by trial and error. Every bump on the road adds up to the life experience and brings something new to the picture! 


So what are my hopes and dreams for the future at the moment being?


Oh how I’ve always liked that John Lennon quote when he was asked what he wants to become as an adult and he simply answered ”happy”. Yes, I want to be happy. I want to feel fulfilled, to feel like whatever I’m doing has a purpose.


In some way, I want to be able to add on the good, not on the bad. I wouldn’t wish to be in such profession which creates success without considering the costs. I wish to create, build, generate. Not to tear down or demolish.


I hope to have a family. Before I turned 19, I didn’t see children as a necessary part of my future. But oh have the tables turned! I deeply wish to be a mother, and a wife some day. Creating our own happy bubble where I can guard over my family with the fierceness of a mother lion. See my kids grow, see my husband get old beside me. Cheesy, huh?


I wish to never stop looking after my own well being. In order to bring happiness and content into other’s lives, it’s crucial to be responsible for ones own well being and happiness. I don’t wish to become ignorant over my own issues, or afraid of dealing with them. Both physically and mentally.


I hope I won’t stop questioning and critically reflecting on things and values around me. Is something right just because it’s the current consensus of the society, or is it right because it actually is right? Values and norms change over centuries (as we well have noticed). Which injustices are accepted today, but shouldn’t be?


I wish to see and learn as much about the world as I just possibly can. I want to visit places that make me wow, and understand why our surroundings look like they do. I want to learn about human behavior and answer the question ”why”. I don’t want to become too comfortable to not keep on moving forwards.


I hope I won’t ever become bitter. Because that simplifies the mind into a negative circle, and eats away all the brightness and happiness life has to offer.


But as a 20 year old, what do I know. How would the list look like in my 30’s, 40’s, or 60’s? If I’m even around any longer? All we can do is reflect on things from our situatedness in the present – using the knowledge we now have. These are the dreams and hopes the current me holds for the future. As John Lennon put it: I want to be happy. Above is the way I know how.


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Blouse/Tibi, Pants/Alica+Olivia, WOC/Saint Laurent


So as I mentioned, yesterday evening was all about celebrating Oriflame for their 50 year anniversary. Congratulations! The party was a goofy, glittery birthday bash with fun games. We likey! Above are some pictures from last night. They sure know how to throw a good one, I have to say.

Happy friday everyone, run off to the wild! I’ll be running off to uni.


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I’ve made a new friend. I met her on an airplane two weeks ago.

She had lost her seat, and we solved the problem by having her sit next to me. We began chatting, and turned out we’ve grown up a stones throw away from each other, and gone to the same school. We’ve grown up with the same people (knowing all the same middle school gossip), the hoods, teachers, and so on. We also have a a bunch of common friends still, two of which live here in Stockholm! How small is the world?

How simply happy can one become when making a new friend! Doesn’t happen all that often in this age. Today we had a date including shooting and talking non-stop for hours. And oh! This lady is a great singer. And by great, I really mean great. You’ll find her on spotify here: Olivera

I’ve continued to have issues sleeping. Two days ago I was awake from 2am to 6am, and today I woke up at 5am sharp unable to fall asleep again. But who has the time to be tired with so lovely people around, especially when the sun is shining? It continues to be finger freezing cold, and that’s when layers come to play. The more the merrier! The Banana Republic shirt is actually quite old, but still gold – I think it’s from 2014? It’s been the ”bad outfit day savior” ever since. It has lately lost a button or two, and has a non-removable make up stain in one sleeve. Oh how I wish they would take this back into production! Might be a fools hope, though.

I’m heading off to a birthday party soon, let’s see if I find something interesting to post from there for tomorrow!


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