Coat/Acne Studios, Knit/H&M, Dress/Ganni, Bag/Saint Laurent

Good morning!

Yesterday we had a brunch @Pom & Flora with a friend. Yum! What I soon became to realize after beginning my no added sugar – no meat – no dairy – no white flour –diet was that eating out with such restrictions is HARD. Ordering food from Foodora, I discovered two meals in my area which were suitable for me. But Pom & Flora was a relief! Nearly everything is vegan to begin with, and can be asked to be made without certain ingredients. Always so delicious. Any tips on courses which can be made at home? Snacks are easy, but breakkie & dinner variations would be welcome!

Above is yesterdays outfit. Just love throwing knits above dresses! Super easy, comfy and warm.

Happy Monday!



  1. Aika yksinkertanen mut yks hyvä välipalavinkki on ainakin ruisleipä joko banaanilla tai avocadolla! Tulee kans tosi nopeesti. Keitän usein myös kananmunia jääkaappiin, josta voi sit napata aina jos nälkä iskee.

    1. Kiitos kommentista! Oonkin usein harrastanut tota avocado yhdistelmää, täytyy testata banaanillakin 🙂

      Kivaa viikkoa sinne!

  2. Oven baked vegetables with dip!! Just basically peel everything and throw it in there with some oil and spices. Fried tofu with noodles or quinoa and omelettes with soy milk are also good. Snack with cashew nuts, dried fruit or smoothies.
    Happy to hear you’re going vegan! I’ve been around a year now and feel so much better. Greetings from London!

    XxX Vanessa

    1. Sounds delicious! I unfortunately lack an oven, but the other tips need to be put to trial – marinated tofu is one of my all time favs!
      Hope you’re having a kick ass Monday, Vanessa! 🙂

    1. Kiitos paljon! Mun täyty tietenkin käydä heti tsekkaamassa, ja wau oot kanssa tosi tyylikäs nainen. Seurantaan! Xx


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