Pants/H&M, Blouse/MaxMara, Sneakers/Asics, Bag/Celine


Anyone who’s tried their luck in being a style blogger knows, that it isn’t always exactly as simple as it looks like. There are some, perhaps amusing, downsides and issues which you’ll encounter sooner or later – things you otherwise wouldn’t even think about. Here are some which I’ve come to deal with.

  1. Parked (and moving) cars. A beautiful street which would be a perfect background for an outfit shoot – upwards from the top of one’s head. Because everything beneath is full of oddly colored cars which so do not coordinate with what one’s wearing.
  2. Not having a marble table or a tumblr bathroom to shoot your beauty products in.
  3. Your meal is good but hella ugly.
  4. When you’ve just managed to fit school, sports, friends, nutrition and blogging to your schedule, and realize that some sleep would do some good as well.
  5. Single bloggers; when you don’t have an Instagram husband to record all your best dressed everyday moments. Happy wife happy life!


Have a fabulous Friday!


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