Coat/Saks Potts, Knit & Pants/HM, Shoes/Adidas Originals

…and wearing pink pants once in a while.

We’ve had a couple of wonderfully sunny days in Stockholm lately, and it really feels like spring is just around the corner. Unfortunately, I’ve not been too able to enjoy the loving weather; first suffering from what I self-diagnosed as noro-virus, followed by a chronic pain in my throat which has also taken away my voice. So lately I’ve been coughing and whispering around with a rusty whiskey voice. Some say it’s sexy, some might think it’s annoying, but mostly it’s seen as adorable when I’m with all seriousness trying to carry out an argument whilst sounding like a drunk grandma.

Yesterday was Valentine’s day, and we had the most wonderful dinner at Nosh & Chow. Earlier in the day I had my first exam of the semester, so it was extra special having a nice, relaxed dinner afterwards. Clothing-wise, I’ve been hyper about colors lately. They’ll definitely going to be a combining theme of this spring’s outfits.

Wish you all well-being and sunny days.


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It’s been many nights and mornings filled with exhaustion, confusion, not knowing what (or how!) to think.

But, never in my life have I had so many good moments and ”eureka” experiences. Fall down seven times, stand up eight.

This year was the first time I began the process of trusting myself, finding myself in a place where I can honestly say ”whatever happens, I will figure it out”.

In the beginning of the year, I fell in love, for what I think was the first time ever. He was the first one I took home to visit my family. It’s dangerous to place one’s own happiness into someone else’s arms.

As the fall came, everything fell to pieces. And I fell. There was no closure, I was in the dark, any motivation or enthusiasm towards basically anything disappeared slowly, I felt tired and drained around the clock, pointless.

And so I stopped taking care of what was left of myself. I didn’t sleep. I didn’t eat. I often didn’t bother to get out of bed at all. My clothes got dirty, the dishes piled up. Not to mention the schoolwork.

But as weeks turned to months, I began slowly taking steps back to life. I couldn’t let the university go out the window, so I forced myself to keep the studies on track. Just manually getting up in the morning, going to the library, getting things done. I was incredibly disappointed in just about everything.

”Two steps forward, one step back”. Months went on, and I discovered that I had gotten strong. Still, every other day, I found myself crying from an occasional fitting room. It wasn’t just because of the break-up; I was angry at myself. Angry for letting myself fall so far I didn’t seem to know how to get up. My bulimia was acting.

Then came the panic attacks at school. Again followed by the feeling of being different, somehow disabled, when not being capable to pull off a routine thing.

But in the end, I got myself into balance.

This year I’ve taken huge steps towards where I want to be.

For years have I talked about taking up blogging again, which I did.

I have met great people.

I’ve become closer with my family and relatives than I’ve ever been.

I’ve learned to love myself again. Learned how to take care of myself. How to appreciate myself and how to say no when no needs to be said. How to better accept the negative feelings and disappointments and feel through them instead of pushing everything aside.

I enjoy the small things. That life is a perfect imbalance.


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Coat & Mohair pullover/H&M, Leather pants/Zara, Beanie/COS, Bag/Celine

Let’s discuss university stress; often joked about, but very familiar to most!

As I’ve probably written, I’ve been quite tired and stressed lately, having issues to fully focus. Due to my tendencies of rarely giving much appreciation to my work, I’ve mostly thought that I’m probably just born lazy and should just to try harder.

BUT! Today we had a chat around the topic of stress with a classmate. As we spoke, she really opened my eyes; this whole fall, we haven’t really had more than one day off at a time. Our courses have begun straight after the last one has ended. Not only that, but our deadlines for essays have been mostly Mondays or Tuesdays, meaning that the weekends have been dedicated to writing. During just the first two months, we’d had over 500 pages of readings + countless articles. Our hand-ins account for 60 written pages in the past four months. To think about it, how have I actually managed to focus in much anything besides that? The blog, social life?

Effectiveness. Time management. Prioritizing. Simply: spending one’s time wisely!

I’ve taken up studying in the mornings: spending the few most efficient hours of the day just to do schoolwork. I get so much done! Towards the end of the day, it might take me an hour to finish a chapter I’ve written in 10 minutes in the morning.

Walking 10 000 steps minimum a day. As the brain is getting over heated, this is what keeps me sane. Just walking, whatever the weather. It’s an energy boost, and makes room for a lot more new thoughts!

Sleep. I wrote about my insomnia HERE. I’ve really come to realize how crucial this is! I need to be in bed by 10pm each day – otherwise it’ll all just fall to pieces. A hard working brain needs to reload! 9-10 hour beauty sleep is how I keep running.

Meeting friends. Making enough time to meet friends physically at least two or three days a week. It’s not healthy sitting inside one’s own head for too long. Friends help one put things into perspective, and remember that life ought to be enjoyed of.

No partying. Having a busy lifestyle, at least in my case, is very much undermined if I begin hanging out in the bars. Having a glass of wine or two is fine — but messing up the sleeping pattern and losing a whole day to hangover is just not worth it. That’ll have to wait for another period in life.

And sometimes when nothing helps, just breathe, take a day off whatever the workload, and get back to it properly rested. School isn’t worth losing mental or physical health for.



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Coat/Acne Studios, Knit/H&M, Dress/Ganni, Bag/Saint Laurent

Good morning!

Yesterday we had a brunch @Pom & Flora with a friend. Yum! What I soon became to realize after beginning my no added sugar – no meat – no dairy – no white flour –diet was that eating out with such restrictions is HARD. Ordering food from Foodora, I discovered two meals in my area which were suitable for me. But Pom & Flora was a relief! Nearly everything is vegan to begin with, and can be asked to be made without certain ingredients. Always so delicious. Any tips on courses which can be made at home? Snacks are easy, but breakkie & dinner variations would be welcome!

Above is yesterdays outfit. Just love throwing knits above dresses! Super easy, comfy and warm.

Happy Monday!