A young woman born and raised originally in Espoo, Finland, who found another home by heart from Östermalm Stockholm in September 2016. A goofy old soul with a great passion for style, beauty, finding myself in new places and meeting people who expand my own ways of thought.


I study my bachelor’s in International relations and Economic history at Stockholms university, going on my fourth academic semester spring 2018. So far I’ve enjoyed my studies greatly, albeit them being rather theoretic. In the future I will strive to combine my academic knowledge with my personal passion for style, branding and marketing. Here on the blog I’m seeking to concentrate exclusively in those visual passions.


As you may notice, the blog is rather shameless self promotion, a lot of “me, me, me”. Leaving my nearest and dearest out is a choice we’ve made.


I love people, colors, kindness, art, and playing dress up. The world and everything in it is too beautiful to not be observed! The blog will be written in English. I don’t wish to exclude my Finnish nor Swedish readers!


Welcome, friend or a stranger, kisses from Stockholm!

 Hertta Viljanen