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As you might’ve seen in my insta story, yesterday we had a fun day touring in Stockholm with our Finnish press crew. We visited Make Up Store HQ, Sturebadet and Farang. I always forget how effortless it’s when being around other Finns. Just speaking out what ever comes to mind without having to translate it = happiness! Always nice to have people from back home visiting town.

The morning began with a breakkie at Make Up Stores HQ with Mika Liias and their team.

It’s been a while since I’ve done or encountered anything new make up -related. This was a positive surprise! We had two make up artists on set telling us about the products and showing how they work in action. I had no idea for example that all their products are in the progress of becoming vegan, from synthetic brushes to replacing bees wax with vegan ingredients. I’ve been long using their shadow and bronzer in my daily make up for their great pigment and longevity, so the brand itself has been familiar. As someone in our group put it, it makes one proud to see Finns behind such first-rate brands, doing what they love and doing it well.

Especially two things stood out from our visit. The people behind the brand, and that every product was well thought through. A Brand which stands behind their values isn’t what you always see these days, even though environmentalism has been a trend. For example all proceeds from purchasing the Red Angel lipstick are donated to helping children in the streets of Uganda. Behind this is a Swedish NGO called “Emma & Therese Children’s Project” by Emma Kock, which has been operational since 2011. And this is all made very beautifully, I mean look at the packing design!

After the breakfast we did a detour around Sturebadet, after which we sat down to Farang for a late lunch.

As it’s one of my favorite restaurants in Helsinki, I was thrilled. The delicious sharing food experience was successfully transferred to Stockholm, can nothing but recommend. Sharing is caring! The rest of the day was spent in the library, as will be today as well. Have a fabulous friday everyone!



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Good afternoon!

It’s time to talk about my favorite skincare products of this month. As I have mentioned, I have suffered, and still suffer from hormonal acne at times. My skin is smooth, but has spider veins and darker spots from previous impurities. I have a tendency for couperosa, which means that my skin is easily red and unevenly colored. But with the good daily skincare routine I wrote about HERE, I have been able to tackle these issues to a minimum. I have changed my routine a bit during the latest month, plus incorporated some new products. Honestly, my skin has never been this good for this long periods at a time.

Every single morning and evening my skincare routine goes: 1.Wash, 2.(peel), 3.apply toner, 4.apply serums, 5.apply eye cream, 6.apply moisturizer. Below are the best products I’ve been using lately.


  • v10Plus Serums (Received)

I began by doing a serum test on their website. After having described my skin issues in detail, I was recommended these three serums: Licorice, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. I’ve been applying some drops of each on the clean face twice a day, and the results have been great. The redness has reduced drastically, and the marks I’ve had from previous breakouts have began to heal. Vitamin C especially is known to heal uneven colorings of the skin. I’ve always overlooked the necessity of using a serum, which I regret now. It’s not a hoax people!

  • Sephora Purifying & Mattifying Mud Mask

This has been a “breakout morning” savior. As good cleansing masks can usually cost a long penny, it’s also pleasantly affordable, 160kr a large-ish jar. This Sephora mud mask actually feels like it’s sucking the impurities out of your skin, and leaves a smooth and even result. Recommended! I was first given a small sample when shopping, and came back for the whole thing.

  • Medik8  Blemish Control Pads

I’ve been using these at times after toner. The Salicylic Acid is great in reducing pores and redness, and leaves the skin cells closed and smooth.

  • Lovefresh lemon deo-stick

Who likes Citrus? This “Mediterranean in a stick” deodorant has a wonderful, fresh lemon scent. Small enough to carry with, but has a lot of power. Strongly recommended for anyone who travels frequently!

  • Origins “A perfect World” SPF 20 Eye Cream

An all time favorite. Leaves the skin around the eyes moisturized, no sign of eye bags. Also disguises some color changes! I’ve been using this product now for around a year, and will definitely keep on doing so.

  • Clinique Moisture Surge – moisturizer

As the weather gets colder, the skin is really put under a test. An icy wind can easily take it’s tall in drying the skin up. The Moisture surge by Clinique feels like a miracle in a jar. I always put a thick layer above all serums in the evening, and wake up with a plumb and moist, healthy skin in the morning.

Any good skincare tips from you guys?


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Pictures from this week

Good Morning!

All of us, at least the ladies, have probably heard some sort of universal guidelines considering beauty & style in their lives. These are usually culturally situated, telling us what is (in)appropriate to wear. Or do. “Are you sure you should be going out in that?“. Often, but not always do these conceptions something to do with age, weight, sex or socioeconomic class. Here are the main ones I’ve been taught; is there something we can learn from them, or is everything just dinosaur advice?

  1. You’re too young or too old to use ____.

    What? Consensual adults are in my eyes fairly free to put on whatever floats their boat. Why would one need to give up on their style after turning x? Or, getting told that they look old before their age, when putting on more formal wear with a bunch of layers? I think some guidelines are useful, no matter the age; such as when revealing a lot on the top, use a covering bottom, and vice versa. But there should be no individual items that are age restricted. Period. Dress for your body type, your personality, and have some common sense doing it; not for your age.

  2. Wear only a maximum of 3 colors per outfit.

    As I can see the reasoning behind this one, it feels very restricting and stiff. In office wear for example it might be good to consider not showing up to customer meetings as a christmas tree, but when it comes to street style, if it works, don’t count the colors! Having multicolor outfit with one main color as a combining factor is actually very hot.

  3. Men like it if you wear red.

    Or, the boys are not going to like you if you wear only baggy or weird clothes. “Men don’t like culottes” and “Boys certainly won’t understand oversized coats” are both sentences I’ve heard lately. The whole ideology of women dressing up for men is utter nonsense, and shows how biased our thinking behind gendered subjects is. The hot question is, if I like wearing red, does it suit me, and how it fits my mood. Even as women what we need to stop is telling each other with all seriousness that “are you sure now darling, remember that men don’t like UGGs”.

  4. Eye bags are chanel

    In the contemporary Western society, being a productive, universal genius is what we all should be right now. Handling every form of social media, combined with a perfect career, relationship, exercise routine, diet and a visiting the family every few months is the trend. We’re taught that in order to be accepted, we should always be busy, developing, becoming “better versions of ourselves”. Hertta 2.0. This leads to the feeling of unfulfillment, of never being enough. “Most successful of CEOs sleep some 6 hours a night and wake up at 5” – sort of thinking is suited to make one feel bad for snoozing until 9. Don’t get me wrong here. I absolutely advocate personal development, but one should do that in their own terms, in areas important to oneself.

  5. A good outfit can change your life.

    Looking at you, Cinderella! I have to admit, I as well have bought dresses “only for the evening”. But in the inferno of consumption we live in, everything around us signals that buying is the key. New is always better. But it’s not. The rush one gets from shopping lasts only a fraction of time; and won’t increase the quality of your life in any way in the long run.

Just some Monday morning thoughts. A huge hug everyone, you can do this week!


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Marseille Soap, A Perfect World Eye Cream Origins, Skin Balancing Exfoliating Cleaner Elisabeth Arden, Soothing Hydration mask Kiehl’s, Lip balm antioxidant Grown Alchemist. 


These beautiful autumn days seem to fly by with the speed of light. We spent a wonderful Saturday out in the nature picking mushrooms at Drottningholm, and were pleasantly surprised with myriad of porcini! You know what that means; a mean ass italian risotto Sunday.

But now I’m here to discuss my skincare routine & makeup picks of this month.

My skin – where to begin. It doesn’t seem fit into any category, and feels like it has a will of it’s own. The traditional categorizing for skin types doesn’t seem to fit at all, since my skin basically decides every morning how it’s going to behave for the rest of the day. Sometimes itchy dry, sometimes greasy, sometimes bursting with hormonal acne and sometimes smooth as a baby’s bottom. Need I mention it’s proven to be quite difficult to find skincare products? My hormonal acne is also such that at times it decides to leave scars, sometimes it heals with no traces left behind.

Still some products have come to stay. As I nowadays rarely wear heavy layers of make up, the skincare routine has become ever so essential in keeping my skin glowing and healthy-looking. Moisturizing masks that are applied the night before have definitely become my “thing”. I also peel my skin rather often; around once in every two days in order to make it look less gloomy. Probably not exactly what dermatologists would recommend, but it has worked magic for me.

Licorice serum & Peeling Facial mask, Deep Sea Water Mask. V10Plus. Received 


I begin my mornings by washing my face with a peeling facial wash by Estee Lauder, or use Marseille soap and apply a peeling mask. If I haven’t had a moisturizing mask during the night, I apply one now. The overnight Deep Sea Water mask from v10Plus is a life savior. After having the mask on for 20 minutes, I wash it off and apply 5 drops of their licorice serum.

After the serum has absorbed, I finish the procedure with NUORI skin oil drops and some thick eye cream from Origins. I found V10Plus masks first roughly a year ago, and have been using them for both peeling & moisturizing ever since. I was very glad when I got contacted to try out their serums, and they as well have proven to work well with my skin.

A perfect world moisturizer, Origins. Perfecting Facial Oil & Vital Facial Cream, NUORI

During the day:

If I’m not wearing any make up, I usually go through my face with Clinique toner at some point of the day. It sometimes happens that I get the feeling of my skin getting slightly greasy or “dirty”. I avoid having contact with my hands and my face at all times in order to keep the impurities out. Whenever the skin might feel dry-ish, I usually respond with a small drop of NUORI skin oil applied to cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and above eyebrows.

Even though I don’t wear much make up, I still got a couple tricks down my pocket. I often line my lips, brush my eyebrows & lashes with eyebrow wax and use colorless or nude lip gloss. I got to try out the Plump Up -lip liner from Elisabeth Arden in color “nude”, and have been using it since. I’m very carefree and drink a lot of both water and coffee during the day. Thus the durability of lip products is a very important for me when deciding between items. This one is waterproof and hasn’t so far encountered any trouble with staying intact. The matching Plush up -lipstick has also been nice color wise, although I usually enjoy a thicker texture in lip products.

From bottom to top: Cool Glow Cheek tint shade “pink perfection”, Gelato Lipstick “Nude  Fizz”, Plump Up Liner “Nude”. Elisabeth Arden, received.


After a long (or a short) day, washing my face is high up the list of things I do as soon as I get home. Using Marseille soap I wash my face under running water, enjoying the warmth on my skin. After this I apply 5 drops of Licorice, Vitamin A and Vitamin C serums. I did a serum test online which resulted in these three being the ones my skin most benefits of. I usually react to these sort of things cautiously, but these ones have been a helpful step in the routine. I swear my skin has shown a new level of glow!

Again, when giving the serums some time to absorb, I choose a moisturizer. I use both NUORI and Origins, depending on the greasiness of my skin; as NUORI has a lighter formula, Origins helps to really moisturize even the driest winter day skin. If my skin sucks in the moisturizer quickly, I take this as a sign of hunger for more, and apply an over night moisture mask.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday afternoon! 


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