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The month’s, or perhaps even season’s, largest shopping-palooza is finally over. Black Friday, or Black Week, combined with something I recently found out called “Cyber Monday” (Seriously, who comes up with these names?) has grown to nearly biblical measures under the recent years. Connecting to Thanksgiving in the States, what is even Black Friday for us? A great opportunity to create needs for items no one actually needs, it seems.

As a 20year millennial, I’m amongst one of the largest target groups of the advertisers. This Black Friday, I didn’t buy anything. But heck, would I have liked to. It’s scary how all the advertisement gets to one. From first being totally oblivious that one might need something new, suddenly craving to type the digits of my visa to myriad of web shops. All and everything started to feel tempting, luring, with sales tags on and the light, buzzy atmosphere. My old clothes, in my thoughts, lost their spark, their beauty, and started to feel dusty and worn; replaceable. New is always better.

As it’s obvious that this is an ongoing phenomena, sales-shopping should be encountered with light caution. Always always keep in mind what you actually need and came after, instead of what you want in the moment. Make lists. I do! Right now on my list of things to get is for example a basic black turtleneck sweater, and black leather military boots. If they’ll be on sale, I’ll be over the moon. So it’s not just a bad thing to get a little crazy with the sales shopping, just something to think about. Keeping one’s eyes in the price may result in some successful savings in sales!


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