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As some of you who follow my Instagram might’ve noticed, mom was visiting me this weekend here in Stockholm. And we had such a blast! On Sunday evening when she left, I couldn’t help but to tear up. Living abroad makes these moments with Family feel ever so special and appreciated.

As I’ve grown up as the only child in the family, I think the three of us have become even closer than usual.

With mom we have our own world in a way, including hobbies, traditions and jokes, to name a few. Our time together consists of a lot of deep talks and guiding (Mostly from her side, but I do have my moments as well, especially with technology). One of the most important things she’s taught me is that feelings ought to be let out and not kept in. Thus we sometimes argue, yell, bang our heads against the wall and cry. After which we make up and continue our everyday life. It’s been valuable for me in a way of showing that conflicts between people are sometimes unavoidable, but can be talked through and agreed upon.

The weekend provided us with a fantastic weather: the only gloomy day was the Thursday she arrived. One of our traditions when traveling is to spend time seeing culture. This weekend, we visited a total of four museums: Fotografiska, Sven-Harry’s, Nordiska Museet, and Östasiatiska. The second and the latter were totally new experiences for me even though I’ve lived here for over a year, and would definitely recommend them for anyone remotely interested in arts, culture & history! Sven-Harry’s, located near Vasaparken, offers also magnificent architecture as the building has a wonderful roof top terrace. Östasiatiska on the other hand exhibits the traditional arts from regions in East-Asia with fascinating results.

Apart from the museums, the weekend included lots of eating well and walking around the city. Being able to put on hold both studies and the every day life meant that it was a proper staycation for me as well. Nothing better than being able to put aside domestic chores for a few nights, and enjoying a good breakfast!

Now as she’s gone, I’m getting back to blogging and studying. Hopefully everyone has had a great week so far!




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