Coat/Knight, Turtleneck & Pants/H&M, Bag/Stella McCartney, Shoes/Givenchy, Sunnies/Celine

Hello Sunday!

This week was emotionally hard. In the beginning of the week I hit a fairly bad low, which got to the point that it was close that I couldn’t get out of bed. Or meet people. Or, eat. Even replying to messages felt like an enormous challenge. It caught me by surprise, and I phoned confused, crying filled calls to mum. I’ve been feeling very low before, and I was quite afraid to end up back there again. But towards the weekend I got better, and back to my usual self. Apparently just an unforeseen glitch.

The weekend was wonderful. I decided that even though I’m buried in schoolwork up to my neck, I will shut it off for two days. Just to keep myself sane. And so I did! On both Friday and Saturday evening I managed to meet some old friends I haven’t seen in ages. ”Adult friendship is two people saying ”I haven’t seen you in forever, we should really meet” until one of you dies” – but not this time! On Saturday I travelled to Drottningholm for a magical Christmas market. Or, it would’ve been magical, if the transport would’ve worked! We walked on a roadside for 2km just to get there, and froze in a bus stop for half an hour with thousand others on the way back. But what a beautiful place!

Do you guys recognize the coat? It’s the same as I’ve had in a couple of earlier posts, just the other side up. The black turtleneck which was on my wish list I found from H&M men’s department! A good shopping hack is always to check the guys  side for basics. For some reason it seems that their products are often made of better material, this one being for instance 100% merino wool!

Hopefully everyone has been enjoying their weekend. Best of luck for Monday!


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Coat/Hafnium Copenhagen, Knit/No 21, Pants/Malene Birger, Shoes/Adidas Originals, WOC/Saint Laurent

Coat/J.Lindeberg, Knit/Filippa K, Skirt/Zara, WOC/Saint Laurent, Sneakers/Adidas Originals

Coat/H&M, Knit/&Other Stories, Dress/Max Mara, Shoes/Givenchy, WOC/Saint Laurent, Sunnies/Celine

Coat/J.Lindeberg, Knit/Monki, Jeans/Kappahl, Shoes/Joshua Sanders, Bag/Celine

Coat/J.Lindeberg, Knit/Monki, Jeans/Kappahl, Bag/Celine, Shoes/Joshua Sanders

Coat/Acne Studios, Knit/H&M, Skirt & Shoes/Zara, Bag/Stella McCartney

Coat/Knight, Knit/Filippa K, Jeans/Kappahl, Shoes/Vagabond, Bag/Saint Laurent

Happy Thursday!

One could say that in the past month we’ve officially made the transition from fall to winter. So what better time to collect the best of fall outfits? Above are my 7 personal favorites from this season! Which one do you like the most?



Coat/Acne Studios, Dress/Chloe, Bag/Celine, Boots/Stuart Weitzman


Good Morning Saturday!

Eat-Sleep-Read-Repeat. A couple of days ago when it snowed, my friend Katriina hit me up quickly to go shooting in the winter wonderland. Wonderland. We had both totally forgotten that in the city, snow means grey slush.

But never mind, here are some results! The Acne coat has now been a bulletproof go-to jacket for two winters straight. Hard to go wrong with it. Plus it’s actually very warm, especially with all the buttons and zippers closed – a process which takes a good while, beauty > practicality in this case. Something that one can’t see from the outside, is that the coat is also rather heavy. My estimation is at least 5kg? Going around town in it means good cardio.

Off to the library, where Saturday and Sunday will be spent in. I’ll be so relieved on Monday, after the worst (Economic thought’s history) is over! It’s been one of those weeks where you just push yourself up the bed and through the days without further thinking. Just keeping on moving. I know that if I stand still now, I’ll probably be sleeping for days straight.




Coat/Acne Studios, Knit/H&M, Skirt & Boots/Zara, Bag/Stella McCartney

Happy Sunday!

My weekend has been quite, ehh, flu-ish. Two evenings worth of headache combined with dizziness has got me wondering of different options from the regular fall flu to a brain tumor. My mentality in being sick is that the body and the mind need rest, good food, lots of liquids, easy-going activities and sleep, sleep, sleep. Stress is the #1 thing I’m doing everything in my power to avoid when feeling ill – stress hormones slow the process of healing (Not to mention make one feel even more awful). Ginger, green tea, smoothies & juices, chocolate, fuzzy socks & oversized, warm clothing. Giving the mind a moment to unwind will equally help the body to heal.

As I’m not one who easily sits still at home if it’s not an absolute emergency, the weekend did have some highlights as well. We had a great brunch at Kvarnen (Södermalm) on Saturday, combined with exploring two new drink places; Vinköket at Gamla Stan, and Tyge & Sessil in Östermalm. Both receive at least a 4/5 from me, and are very warmly recommended for wine or quality evening snack lovers!

As the weather is getting colder, the outfits are receiving more layers and less visible skin. The Red Boot has been everywhere this fall! Overall, red itself as a color has been picked up as the eye-popper of the season in forms of knits, coats, and accessories. These Zara boots I hunt down around a month ago have turned out to be a great investment. Even though Zara often offers an unsatisfying quality in it’s pieces, these ones are made of real leather. The shiny coat is very effortless weather-wise, and the kitten heels makes them suitable for nearly every occasion. The trick is just to wear a lot on the upper body, to achieve a balanced look. A chunky knit or a masculine over sized coat works magic.

Today will be dedicated for laundry, a long walk, and preparing my paper for the essay submitting next friday.

Wishing everyone a wonderful end to the week!