Coat/Acne Studios, Knit/H&M, Skirt & Boots/Zara, Bag/Stella McCartney

Happy Sunday!

My weekend has been quite, ehh, flu-ish. Two evenings worth of headache combined with dizziness has got me wondering of different options from the regular fall flu to a brain tumor. My mentality in being sick is that the body and the mind need rest, good food, lots of liquids, easy-going activities and sleep, sleep, sleep. Stress is the #1 thing I’m doing everything in my power to avoid when feeling ill – stress hormones slow the process of healing (Not to mention make one feel even more awful). Ginger, green tea, smoothies & juices, chocolate, fuzzy socks & oversized, warm clothing. Giving the mind a moment to unwind will equally help the body to heal.

As I’m not one who easily sits still at home if it’s not an absolute emergency, the weekend did have some highlights as well. We had a great brunch at Kvarnen (Södermalm) on Saturday, combined with exploring two new drink places; Vinköket at Gamla Stan, and Tyge & Sessil in Östermalm. Both receive at least a 4/5 from me, and are very warmly recommended for wine or quality evening snack lovers!

As the weather is getting colder, the outfits are receiving more layers and less visible skin. The Red Boot has been everywhere this fall! Overall, red itself as a color has been picked up as the eye-popper of the season in forms of knits, coats, and accessories. These Zara boots I hunt down around a month ago have turned out to be a great investment. Even though Zara often offers an unsatisfying quality in it’s pieces, these ones are made of real leather. The shiny coat is very effortless weather-wise, and the kitten heels makes them suitable for nearly every occasion. The trick is just to wear a lot on the upper body, to achieve a balanced look. A chunky knit or a masculine over sized coat works magic.

Today will be dedicated for laundry, a long walk, and preparing my paper for the essay submitting next friday.

Wishing everyone a wonderful end to the week!




1. Mochino, 3620sek 2. Miss Selfridge, 795sek 3. J.W Anderson 4015sek 4. Current/Elliot, 2100sek 5. Loeffler Randall, 4095sek 6. No 21, 6635sek   7. Carousel Jewels, 1725sek

If a fairy godmother would grant me three wishes,

the first two would probably be world piece and the end of hunger. But! To be honest, the third one would probably be to get to decide each morning what to wear with no budget & only the limits of my imagination. Sorry not sorry.

It has become as clear as ever that The checked jacket is the nro 1 statement piece of the fall. It might’ve easily been the most visible item on the streets of the past weeks of fashion in Europe. The masterminds at Balenciaga, Fendi and Stella Mccartney have all created their own versions, and the High Street has followed in their footsteps – the piece above is from Miss Selfridge, costing only 795kr! The best thing about a classical jacket such as this is that it can be dressed either up or down, whichever is suitable for the occasion.

As I mentioned here, my relationship to jewelry is complicated. But I’ve began to really eye for earrings, either flashy or graphic. Especially JW Anderson has truly showed their skills in creating very beautiful pieces this fall! These signature golden earrings are to die for. Wishing everyone a productive Wednesday!


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Skirt/&Other Stories, Knit/Filippa K, Sneakers/Sandro, Bag & Sunnies/Céline

Greetings from the world of procrastination, coffee, sleep-medicin like books, no-make up days and coffee again, readers! The semester has officially begun. With a boom, our reading lists have apparently been designed to eliminate any social life, work or hobbies people might have. The subject is International Political Economy for those who wonder. Thank god for us ladies we can multitask, and here I am writing an outfit post with a book open by my side.

In Stockholm it’s getting a little chilly, but not chilly enough for heavier coats or layering.

So, the knit season is on! I’ve made a promise to myself not to buy a single knit this fall. I counted mine and I have nearly 20 pieces existing. What I’ll be doing the following weeks is making the most out of my current wardrobe, finding new ways to combine the nearly-forgotten items. I love doing this from time to time! It’s really easy to forget what one already has and go for the new beautiful fall looks the shops are filled with. All that is needed is just a little imagination; you can start by placing a selection of pieces on your bed, and begin eyeing for with colors/patterns look interesting next to each other. Or start playing with materials. Is there some juicy combination in there you haven’t thought about? Glitter paired with floral, a chunky knit with a skirt instead of the usual jeans? The options are countless, just remember to throw aside your existing patterns of thought about what should be worn with what!

Yesterday I wore this beautiful pink-plated skirt from &Other stories. I have a top to match, and never really thought it could be worn with something else. But ta-daa, a little forest green to pair it with and we’re ready set go for anything! Casual but dressed up. Plated skirts are a definite trend this fall, especially in metallic colors!


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Dress / Sandro,  Bag / Givenchy,  Sneakers / Adidas Originals


I used to be a high heels girl. Like, big time. I would wear heels to every occasion, any hour of the day (My Finnish teacher from high school even mentioned the clack of my heels in her final speech when we graduated – yeah, I was a little over the top).

  The chances are you’ll find me wearing sneakers of different sorts around 90% of the time. I’ve found myself hoarding these comfortable long-day saviors like my life depended on them. Furthermore, this trend has made my feet (and mom) very glad.I still enjoy looking feminine, and often end up combining ordinary accessories with extraordinary pieces of clothing. This lace dress from Sandro was amongst the best sales finds of the year. What comes to the glittery adidas superstars, I’ve had them for ages. How do they still look so fresh? A great tip I’ve learned has been to use nail polish remover when wiping off dirt from white sneakers – but try it with caution!

Yesterday we were Dining at Balzac with a good friend. I dared to have a couple of glasses of wine with dinner; and ended up feeling close to death this morning. I think I’m getting old before my age.

Brace yourselves, weekend is just around the corner!



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