Sharing is caring and what comes to beauty tricks, it can’t be done enough. The best ones often run from mother to daughter, and every woman has their own little something to add. Now I’ll be sharing with you seven of my personal favourite hacks I’ve began using during the years!
  1. Suffering from dry ends? Take the richest hair oil you can find and apply it liberally to the dry ends. Tie them to a tight knot and put some plastic wrap over them + a hair net (To keep the oil from ruining your sheets). Wash off with shampoo in the morning, and say good bye to dryness!
  2. Apply Bepanthen on the lips overnight (And during the day). This works magic and leaves the lips extremely soft & plumb. Bepanthen can also be applied on top of lipstick with your fingertips to avoid the lips from getting dry and wrinkly.
  3. Ran out of shaving gel? Use conditioner instead! This gem gets sometimes useful when traveling. Conditioner leaves the skin & hair very soft and silky, preventing the blades from doing any damage.
  4. Use perfume on the back of your neck. This one I learned from my mother; when a lady walks in the room, the scent should follow after her, not before her.
  5. To make nail polish dry quicker, run your nails under ice cold water. This one is not scientifically proved, but I swear it works.
  6. Flat, colorless hair? The reason might be the heavy metals from water that have sunken in over time. This can be easily solved with C-effervescent tablets (C-poretabletit). Put one to a large glass of water and pour the mixture over damp hair. Use your fingertips to massage the Vitamin C to the hair, let it sink for a minute or two and rinse thoroughly. You can actually smell a metallic scent! It’s a common misconception that one could bleach their hair with vitamin C, but what it really does is get rid of the heavy metals.
  7. Get your lipstick to stay intact for hours by taking a small amount of transparent powder and carefully pressing it over the first layer of color. After this apply a second layer on top, and voilà!

Do you guys have any good tricks to share? I added a couple of personal haircare favourites above. Especially the Caviar Spray works wonders with shine! I’ve previously recommended it to a couple of friends and it’s been love on first sight for them as well.


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