Coat/Burberry, Pullover/Monki, Leather pants/Zara, Woc/Saint Laurent, Sneakers/Adidas Originals

Good Morning from Helsinki!

I’m writing this as I’m sitting on a hairdresser. A weekend full of family-time, meeting old and new friends, talking my mothers tongue, watching Finnish TV, and walking around the beautiful November Helsinki has made me feel so fulfilled. I’ve managed to do some essay writing as well once in a while, so no slacking this vacay! As my dirty blonde roots had grown quite long, I decided that now was the time to book a treat for myself and go have my hair fixed. Definitely a good decision, it’s raining outside and having someone pamper me on a Monday morning feels like luxury.

Saturday was All Hallows’ day, and our family spent it in a Mozart concert at Johanneksenkirkko. Then on Sunday we had an afternoon brunch at Sandro. As I’ll be away a week from now on Fathers’ day, we decided on celebrating a week early! A wonderful combination of salty and sweet flavors, mint tea, tender lamb and hummus was the bees knees – I ate so much I couldn’t imagine having a single bite before 9pm.

Somehow, all of my friends from Stockholm seem to be in town as well. On Friday right after arriving, I was walking down a street in Helsinki, and heard someone calling my name. Turning around, the first familiar face I saw on my trip was a friend from Stockholm. Then last night we got together with the Stockholm girl gang for drinks; actually a very weird but pleasant feeling seeing these babes in Helsinki!

Enjoying a Monday off, I’ll be going around town running necessary errands (Like buying Finnish licorice). Probably spending some time at the library, too. Have a good week guys!


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Coat/H&M, Dress/Max Mara, Knit/&Other Stories, Clutch/Saint Laurent, Shoes/Givenchy, Sunnies/Céline 

….To not perhaps such a surprising destination, Helsinki.

It’s been since Summer since I’ve last visited home. As I mentioned in the last post, there’s a lot going on University-wise at the moment – but I was still able to squeeze a trip to fri-tue! What would be a better place to do some studying than beside mom’s cooking pots. Whenever I travel home, a switch from Adult to Kid goes on in my head. And I think it goes the same way for my folks. Every time I move into my old room for a couple of days, they instantly begin phoning me “when are you coming home” and “dinner’s at 7” if I’m out at town. Which is so precious.

Had I had the possibility to live with my parents, I probably would have for half a year or a year longer. Beginning University itself is quite a large step in someone’s life, not to mention moving far away from ones family while doing it. What I really long for is having relaxed weekend dinners at my parents’ place. Having someone to meet me at the airport when coming home (Although they’re in the Helsinki end!). Being able to call upon an emergency family meeting when something terrible happens. Or just going for a walk and talk whenever needed. These every day things you miss out on when living abroad.

I don’t think I’ve told anyone I’m coming. My essay won’t write itself, and I need to focus mainly on that. Besides family, of course. I would love to be able to meet friends as well, but perhaps that needs to wait until the longer Christmas break.

Bargaining on flights, I’m flying 6.40 tomorrow. If anyone sees a zombie girl with way too much hand luggage at Arlanda, don’t hesitate to high five me!


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KUUMA, Albertinkatu 6 (Ihana Essi kuvassa <3) 

I know I promised you a longer post from Helsinki. Due to the lack of material it turned out to be utopian. BUT what I will be writing about are these two wonderful cafés that had appeared to Punavuori district since my last visit. Probably a “little” late, but still hopping on the hype train!

KUUMA, Albertinkatu 6

Where to begin! Walking in here, the name really came to life. Slightly humid, but a very cozy vibe hit us already as we stepped through the door. The place is decorated with paint and tiles from bottom to top, and has great large windows that let in a bunch of light. A houseplant hanging here and there. Customers of all ages, a radiant young woman behind the counter. Voices bouncing back and forth from the stone walls, creating an inch restless but not too noisy of an atmosphere.

The menu was the thing that really blew the bank; and I ended up ordering pretty much everything on it. Reasonable pricing, nice portion sizes (shame on you health-ish cafés with dwarf sized chia puddings 10€ a piece). Scrambled eggs, avocado toast, smoothies, juices, raw bites, filled croissants, chia pudding, everything well-made and nicely put. The service was a little slow at the busiest hour, but I forgive them that.

Healthinki, Punavuorenkatu 2

Pretty much around the block you’ll find Healthinki. A relaxed, soothing environment with light tones, marble, wood and green plants. Definitely great for reading a good book, working, or perhaps meeting an old acquaintance. As the place is located on a market square, there are no bothering traffic noises. Living in the city center has made me really appreciate these quiet spaces!

I was positively surprised by the food they serve. On their website they claim to be up for Finnish super food, and they really owned it. We had raw licorice – lingonberry smoothie bowls, topped with everything imaginable: nuts & seeds, coconut flakes, peanut butter, and sea buckthorn berries. Yummy. Also the avocado toast was exquisite. We had no trouble finding seating in the morning, as around half of all seats were taken. The service was also warm and welcoming.

My other all-time favorites in Helsinki include i.a The Cock, Sis + Deli, Sandro, Date + Kale, Lungi & Andante. Something I’ve missed and should try out on my next visit?


Healthinki, Punavuorenkatu 2

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Cardicoat & mules/zara, Bag/Stella McCartney, Pants/Sand Copenhagen



So on tuesday evening I found myself booking flights to Helsinki. I flew here the next afternoon, and have been enjoying the company of old friends & family since then. Besides meeting my nearest and dearest, it’s been lovely to notice all the new restaurants and stores that have opened their doors since my last visit. I’ve been basically running around town like a headless chicken, but heck it’s great to be back. I’ll be staying until wednesday, after which I still have a “soft landing” week off at Stockholm before Uni starts.

During the past few years Helsinki has really become a vibrant, urban city, which has a lot to offer for both tourists and permanent inhabitants. I will be doing a larger post of my visit & what I’ve discovered! But now as I’m in a hurry to town to meet some friends, here’s what I have to offer: a quick outfit post from today. I’m such a sucker for chunky knits & cardicoats. Although I’m not really rooting for zara usually, I simply couldn’t resist this one!

Laters babes!


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