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Evening y’all!

After studying quite heavily during this week, I was more or less in heaven being able to enjoy of a different kind of Friday. Today we attended the Stockholm Nordic Watch & Jewelry fair with a group of Finnish Journalists. From experience I’ve grown slightly terrified of different sorts of fairs; The loud noises, the endless crowd of people bouncing recklessly back and forth, the deep growl of an occasional 808 bouncing on the background. Draining. But nonetheless since this subject is somewhat close to my heart, I felt excited for what was ahead.

A little background information about my relationship to jewelry. I’ve never been a real magpie for hoarding shiny items around my neck, wrists, or fingers. Earrings I rarely go without, but other pieces just haven’t felt right. One reason is definitely my active nature. When sitting still for longer periods of time, I have a tendency to start playing with whatever’s in my hands at that moment and end up losing the item. Some day I’ll probably be explaining to my future hubby that wifey lost the wedding ring squeezing it in and out of the finger while sitting on a meeting. I guess I have to lobby for a diamond so large it can’t be lost in a rug carpe,  lol. However, I very much enjoy adoring beautiful handcrafted pieces, and have nothing but respect for the industry. Not to mention huge admiration for the people who carry statement jewelry like they were born with it.

Although the fair itself wasn’t anything very special, there was one section which really stayed in mind. As I have heard of OLE LYNGGAARD Copenhagen before, I’ve never really gotten a chance to deepen my knowledge about the brand. Luckily their personnel was very helpful and took the time to enlighten us about the history of the brand. Founded in 1963, this artwork of craftsmanship has been savored by for example both Danish and Swedish royals. They both accept customized orders and prepare everyday wearables, making the pieces suitable for various occasions. I have a passion for silver, but often find silver jewelry looking like a mess, a bit of this and that here and there. The Lyngaard Pieces on the other hand had a form in them, shape, presence. They  were inspiring, and the collections both minimalistic and maximalist – delightfully not the “meh” in between, as is often the case with current brands. One does love an item made with a steady hands and a thought in mind. Their work is shown in the second & third picture, and those who are interested can find plenty more at their website.

The day was ended by a tasty lunch at Tures. Who wouldn’t enjoy eating outside in a good company in September.

Happy weekend, have a good one!


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