Coat/Hafnium Copenhagen, Knit/No21, Pants/Malene Birger, Clutch/Saint Laurent, Shoes/Adidas Originals


Happy Friday!

This week has been quite something. But, the fact that I got to see so many of my close friends between the haphazard running around, makes me very satisfied. To be able to keep up with a life including so many different aspects can take it’s tall. Combining whole time studies, blogging, exercising, keeping up social relations and a well-structured diet can get a little, um, dull-ish. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t live without routines. They’re what I need to build my life upon if I wish to be productive and happy. But in order for the everyday life not to get too perfunctory, some everyday luxury is needed every once in a while.

So, what can one combine with the basics in order to make life just a little better?

I enjoy long hot showers. Not just for the purpose of getting clean and on the run, but really getting into the hot, running water without hurry or stress. This combined with a really thick, heavy hair mask, a soft bathrobe and slippers makes one feel like staying in a hotel for the evening.

Small beauty-related treats. Matching, beautiful underwear (and well-fitted!). Using a bit of highlighter, lipgloss and perfume going grocery shopping. Keeping one’s toenails always in fleek, no matter the time of the year – so you can feel the red nail polish secretly burning under your winter UGG’s.

Sheets. Need I say more? I’m a sheets fan. And a pillows fan. I make my bed every single morning, and a thing I’m not willing to bargain in is the enjoyment of a well combined bed setting. A thick thread count sheets combined with heavy down covers, as well as good pillows are a must have. And make it all match.

Giving oneself a permission to sometimes take the easy way. Go for the take out in days when cooking feels like an absolutely destructive effort. Get a tall latte on the go when the home-made brew coffee tastes even more like wood than usual. Take the uber instead of the bus when it’s raining and you’re already 20 minutes late. Money well spent is money spent on reducing stress.




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