Coat/Knight, Turtleneck/Zara, Jeans/Kappahl, Shoes/Vagabond, Bag/Saint Laurent

Good evening!

Today was the first snowy day here. Which was wonderful! Couldn’t help but to feel a childlike enthusiasm as I woke up and saw the snowy roof tops. I had a day off, which in University never means an actual day off, but studying. I managed to fit a quick coffee-and-chat to lunch time with my friend Lotta, which was super nice! Aside from that today has included laundry, food-prepping and a long walk.

What’s going to happen this week?

Tomorrow there’ll be a seminar (yaiks) at 9am, which is the only uni attendance this week. But! As I mentioned, that certainly doesn’t call for vacation. Next Monday I have a large Economic history exam, accompanied by a 10min powerpoint presentation on Tuesday. Prepping will be starting this evening, and the days will be spent largely in the library. I need to do some reading every day, including the weekend, so it’ll be library-sleep-powerwalk-eat week ahead.

The last couple of seminars have gone all right social anxiety / panic wise. We have been able to hold small, couple of minute presentations about our independent studies from our own seats. I’ve gained some confidence, and speaking up doesn’t feel that terrifying from one’s own seat. Still, there are some fears and noises in my head that are trying to gain space. I concentrate on looking at the person I’m speaking to, and sticking to the subject: knowing exactly what I talk about has also helped. As well as saying out loud that hey, I’m a little unsure about this. It’s still a long way to go, but I’m happy with my progress for the time being!

This weeks plans also include booking my Christmas trip to Finland, and planning our family trip to Tallinn during the semester. Very excited for the upcoming holidays, caught myself listening to Justin Biebers ’Mistletoe’ today.

Why did I make a post about this weeks plans, as mine are pretty much as exciting as a snails (Sorry, snail)? Just thought that well, perhaps everything on social media has to be flashy and fabulous. At least a large part of my life is just the regular every day living.


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Coat/Burberry, Shirt/Banana Republic, Knit/H&M, Pants/Zara, Bag/Celiné, Boots/Givenchy, Sunnies/Dior


I’ve made a new friend. I met her on an airplane two weeks ago.

She had lost her seat, and we solved the problem by having her sit next to me. We began chatting, and turned out we’ve grown up a stones throw away from each other, and gone to the same school. We’ve grown up with the same people (knowing all the same middle school gossip), the hoods, teachers, and so on. We also have a a bunch of common friends still, two of which live here in Stockholm! How small is the world?

How simply happy can one become when making a new friend! Doesn’t happen all that often in this age. Today we had a date including shooting and talking non-stop for hours. And oh! This lady is a great singer. And by great, I really mean great. You’ll find her on spotify here: Olivera

I’ve continued to have issues sleeping. Two days ago I was awake from 2am to 6am, and today I woke up at 5am sharp unable to fall asleep again. But who has the time to be tired with so lovely people around, especially when the sun is shining? It continues to be finger freezing cold, and that’s when layers come to play. The more the merrier! The Banana Republic shirt is actually quite old, but still gold – I think it’s from 2014? It’s been the ”bad outfit day savior” ever since. It has lately lost a button or two, and has a non-removable make up stain in one sleeve. Oh how I wish they would take this back into production! Might be a fools hope, though.

I’m heading off to a birthday party soon, let’s see if I find something interesting to post from there for tomorrow!


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Coat/Acne Studios, Knit/H&M, Skirt & Boots/Zara, Bag/Stella McCartney

Happy Sunday!

My weekend has been quite, ehh, flu-ish. Two evenings worth of headache combined with dizziness has got me wondering of different options from the regular fall flu to a brain tumor. My mentality in being sick is that the body and the mind need rest, good food, lots of liquids, easy-going activities and sleep, sleep, sleep. Stress is the #1 thing I’m doing everything in my power to avoid when feeling ill – stress hormones slow the process of healing (Not to mention make one feel even more awful). Ginger, green tea, smoothies & juices, chocolate, fuzzy socks & oversized, warm clothing. Giving the mind a moment to unwind will equally help the body to heal.

As I’m not one who easily sits still at home if it’s not an absolute emergency, the weekend did have some highlights as well. We had a great brunch at Kvarnen (Södermalm) on Saturday, combined with exploring two new drink places; Vinköket at Gamla Stan, and Tyge & Sessil in Östermalm. Both receive at least a 4/5 from me, and are very warmly recommended for wine or quality evening snack lovers!

As the weather is getting colder, the outfits are receiving more layers and less visible skin. The Red Boot has been everywhere this fall! Overall, red itself as a color has been picked up as the eye-popper of the season in forms of knits, coats, and accessories. These Zara boots I hunt down around a month ago have turned out to be a great investment. Even though Zara often offers an unsatisfying quality in it’s pieces, these ones are made of real leather. The shiny coat is very effortless weather-wise, and the kitten heels makes them suitable for nearly every occasion. The trick is just to wear a lot on the upper body, to achieve a balanced look. A chunky knit or a masculine over sized coat works magic.

Today will be dedicated for laundry, a long walk, and preparing my paper for the essay submitting next friday.

Wishing everyone a wonderful end to the week!



Shoes/Adidas Originals, Bag/Céline, Outfit/H&M Studio

My favorites from the collection / H&M 

H&M Studio Collection A/W 2017 was a positive surprise. I rarely buy pieces from the fashion giant, but I very much liked the urban print designs of Studio Collection. Hence I ended up shopping this two-piece, and have not regretted! It probably won’t come as a surprise that I’m nuts for a good two piece – If it comes with a matching pair, it shouldn’t be separated.

// Have a great saturday everyone! I’m currently spending my time reading, but you’ll hear from me again soon. Exciting beauty things coming ahead, make up and a Stockholm travel tips issue!




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