Pants/H&M, Blouse/MaxMara, Sneakers/Asics, Bag/Celine


Anyone who’s tried their luck in being a style blogger knows, that it isn’t always exactly as simple as it looks like. There are some, perhaps amusing, downsides and issues which you’ll encounter sooner or later – things you otherwise wouldn’t even think about. Here are some which I’ve come to deal with.

  1. Parked (and moving) cars. A beautiful street which would be a perfect background for an outfit shoot – upwards from the top of one’s head. Because everything beneath is full of oddly colored cars which so do not coordinate with what one’s wearing.
  2. Not having a marble table or a tumblr bathroom to shoot your beauty products in.
  3. Your meal is good but hella ugly.
  4. When you’ve just managed to fit school, sports, friends, nutrition and blogging to your schedule, and realize that some sleep would do some good as well.
  5. Single bloggers; when you don’t have an Instagram husband to record all your best dressed everyday moments. Happy wife happy life!


Have a fabulous Friday!


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Coat and bag/Saks Potts, Shirt/Max Mara, Pants/Malene Birger *received, Shoes/Nike

Long time no see!

I’ve been having my hands very full (both metaphorically and physically) in the past three weeks, so the blog has unfortunately been left without the attention it deserves. But now I’m back for good! Let’s go through what i’ve been up to.

First of all, I began studying social anthropology, which I’ll be studying this spring. And it has been very exciting! I’m even considering writing a double bachelor’s degree combined with my major international relations.

Second, I’m very keen on starting working, and been dwelled to the job-searching process. My first interview will be held on Wednesday, wish me luck! A hint; it’s within clothing industry.

Third, I’ve been spending quality time with friends and family. I was away from Stockholm during the holidays, so it’s been wonderful to come back to my other friends-consisted family here. Then, my mom was here last weekend. I sneaked into her hotel room and enjoyed fresh sheets and a hotel breakkie. Even as a grown up there’s nothing better than sleeping next to momma at times.

This week will be full of studies and meetings – but I’ll do my best getting some blogging done on the side. Have an energized Monday ya’ll!





Good morning!

The sales season is on! As my sales shopping strategy is, well, strategic, I haven’t given up to the urge to go all nuts. But, a couple of great finds are always in place. These thick suit pants from h&m cost me 25€! I even took them to the sewers to get the legs shorter, and was still left below fifty bucks. Yes!

I also got myself a new fur coat from the Saks Potts sale, and a new pair of Asics sneakers. Walking a minimum 10 000 steps a day definitely requires comfortable shoes. Will be showing these to you as they arrive! The coat is, surprisingly, pink..

In case I won’t have the time write it later, Happy New Year everyone.


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Coat/Acne Studios, Knit/H&M, Dress/Ganni, Bag/Saint Laurent

Good morning!

Yesterday we had a brunch @Pom & Flora with a friend. Yum! What I soon became to realize after beginning my no added sugar – no meat – no dairy – no white flour –diet was that eating out with such restrictions is HARD. Ordering food from Foodora, I discovered two meals in my area which were suitable for me. But Pom & Flora was a relief! Nearly everything is vegan to begin with, and can be asked to be made without certain ingredients. Always so delicious. Any tips on courses which can be made at home? Snacks are easy, but breakkie & dinner variations would be welcome!

Above is yesterdays outfit. Just love throwing knits above dresses! Super easy, comfy and warm.

Happy Monday!