2016 and 2017 mark the years in which wearing a pajama out in the public became socially acceptable. YES! This comfy trend opens up so many wonderful opportunities material- and accessory wise. Luxurious organic materials like silk and cashmere are very much presented in the clothing labels, which means giving proper care to these items can make them last for ages. Even shoes have adapted to this trend; summer 2017 was definitely the season of the slipper.

1.  100% Cashmere Midnight Sky set, Chinti & Parker. This set is what I see nowadays when I close my eyelids. These exact orange-pink-baby blue stars and moons, damnit.

2. Faucher Pullover,  GANNI. This exact pullover in different colors has taken the social media like a storm under the past weeks. GANNI nailed the Northern Europe IT-girl item of the month!

3. Short Sleeve T-Shirt, Moschino. Pyjamas -> Teddybears -> Moschino.

4. La Perla 5. Anine Bing 6. Stella McCartney

7. & 8. Miu Miu. Where to begin with these ones… Mia Miu sort of re-invented the ballerina shoe, making a widely copied (looking at you, Zara!) version of the classical ballet shoe with ribbons. And then the slippers. The fur, the pearls, the candy colors: the maximalist in me is screaming. Yes respectable adults can wear pink fluffy shoes with a thousand pearls.

9. Powerful lifting night mask, Origins. I have yet to test an Origins product and be disappointed. This overnight mask is really quite something, it makes the skin look very happy, healthy and moisturized. Recommended.

10. Santal Face Treatment Oil, ClarinsI’ve tried around 10 different face oils in the past year. The Santal Face Treatment Oil by Clarins is the clear winner. It smells stunningly spicy, and the texture is thick and rich. It leaves the skin moisturized but not too sticky. I could do a post on face treatment oils only! Other recommendable ones are Estelle Thild’s and Clinique’s.

Anyone else feeling the PJ’s?


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