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I’m a person whose life  has elements from both ends of the scale. I’m a maximalist, but enjoy minimalism. I’m an extroverted introvert. I clean my apartment with the enthusiasm of a person with an OCD but I also find absolute chaos fascinating. This can be tricky at times, and getting stuck to one end for too long breaks the balance and leads to negative paths of thought.

HERE ARE MY TIPS FOR A POSITIVE EVERY DAY LIFE. Goldilocks style, so that everything is just right.

Do a little cleaning every single day. Upkeep versus cleaning the house from bottom to top at once – needless to say which takes less effort. My environment affects me greatly as a Hyper Sensitive Person. If my apartment is cluttered, so is my mind. So a good rule of thumb has been to keep things neat, and do a little something every day. Change the sheets, dust the surfaces, arrange the closet… I know myself, If I let the dishes to stand in the sink for a whole week, I might as well let them be for a couple extra days, right?

Get moving. Whether a walk around the block before going to bed or a long bike ride in the nature, doing something physical daily will boost the positive mindset and the feeling of achieving something. I’m a little “all or nothing” and often feel like the choice is only between killing myself on the track or lying in bed eating pasta. For me discovering the middle ground has been a huge “eureka” moment. The steps forward don’t always have to be huge leaps.

Bounce back quickly. If it happens that I’ve been out dancing ’till the morning, I always allow myself one recovery day. This includes lying in bed, watching movies and ordering take out – without quilt. But the day after that, no mercy. Back to the long power walks and making myself look human in the morning, back to home-cooking and planning meals and doing domestic chores. This doesn’t prolong the negativity of being tired and not feeling well.

(Realistic and detailed) To-Do lists. Realistic and detailed ones, since I for example hoard a bunch of these “Read a new book, learn a new language and learn how to do a full split in both ways – before the fall” lists on the notes in my iPhone. Yeah right not gonna happen. Tracking where you’re going and writing down how you get there is an easy way to keep actually going towards your personal goals. Set a goal, find out how to achieve it, and make a concrete list of the actions needed.

Don’t go to bed angry. A classic, but still very important. The people around us have a major impact in our own well-being, and we have in theirs. Sometimes major events in life set us apart for good, but whatever the situations are they often can be dealt with. Talk things out before they grow too large. Don’t let pride get in the way of friendships. Apologize and forgive. Take the effort to nourish your relationships, it’s a false belief that they would stay intact without maintaining.

Educate yourself. We tend to get tense and fear the unknown, as can often be seen in discussions about religion, other cultures, immigration, or politics. I’m not saying these opinions aren’t valid; difficult conversations around stigmatized areas HAVE to be undergone in order to make progress and better decisions. But deeply understanding the opposite side takes off the emotional load of arguments and makes them more often based on actual facts than visions or deep fears. We tend to dehumanize and “other” our counterparts in difficult situations. It’s “us” versus “them” or “it”. Educating oneself about both historical and cultural background that lies behind events makes things seem less black and white.

Locate the negative thoughts. Sometimes understanding why we feel a certain way goes above our capabilities. But our body and mind were designed long ago, and rather often their primitive responses are the cause of negativity. Hunger, feelings of sickness, stress, fear and even extreme temperatures easily cause a negative response. Recognizing that “Ok, I’m feeling like screaming at everyone’s face right now – that’s probably just because I’m hungry”  immediately reduces the feelings of unidentified negativity.

Eat well. A really major one saved for the last. My own diet is nowhere near perfect, but I’ve realized I feel the best when eating around 80% fresh fruits, vegetables, berries, eggs, fish, tofu & rye bread. And a LOT of water. The other 20% is saved for treats, eating out, having an occasional glass of wine / beer, candy, ice cream or whatever I’m feeling for at the moment. A well balanced basic routine combined with flexibility has proven to feed both my body & soul the best!

Anything missing from the list?