1. Where do you live? Do you live alone?

I’m currently living alone in Östermalm, Stockholm.

2. Why did you move to Stockholm?

I moved as I began studying at the university. I’ve always enjoyed visiting Stockholm, and could always easily see myself living there.

3. What do you miss about Helsinki?

First and foremost family. Besides them, there’s a handful of friends I miss seeing very much. Then also the ability to speak Finnish! It’s sometimes so frustrating not to be able to speak one’s mother tongue.

4. Are you single?


5. What are you working with/studying?

I’m studying International relations, and applied for Social Anthropology for this spring.

6. Do you have siblings?

Unfortunately not.

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’ve finished my current studies, and continued them in terms of studying media / communications / fashion marketing. I’ve also (hopefully) landed a job within fields that actually interest me; working with international organizations would be ideal, if not one of the above.

8. When have you cried last?

Two days ago. Just an unexpected rush of feeling sad and lonely.

9. What things make you happy?

People close to me. Great food. Being able to be free, to do what I wish; guide my life to the direction I see fit.

10. What inspires you?

Definitely nature. It’s something bigger than us, and astonishingly beautiful. Then, again, people. Those who’ve chosen unexpected paths in life and worked for their dreams.

11. Your favorite accessory? Favorite piece of clothing?

Favorite accessory must be currently my black Givenchy buckle boots. Favorite piece of clothing the green mohair sweater from h&m shown in the last post.

12. What are you bad at? 

Singing. Some would probably say dancing as well.

13. Where would you travel now if you could choose?

To Lapland. I miss the silence and power of the wilderness.

14. What’s your favorite food & exercise? 

Food tartar steak or oven roasted beets. Exercise walking.


15. Who’s your biggest style inspiration?

Diana Vreeland.

16. A piece of clothing you would never wear?

Overalls, crop tops, bodies. Just not for me.

17. Who are the people closest to you?

My parents.

18. What do you fear?

To some extent, failure. To never be able to reach my dreams.

19. How has your style come about? Do you have a philosophy what comes to fashion?

Through trial and error. My philosophy is to wear comfortable & colorful, well cut, and well made.

20. What are your favorite brands?

Tibi, Saks Potts, Celine, La La Berlin, Sandro, &Other Stories, to name a few.



Outfit:  Coat / Acne,  Mesh shirt / H&M,  Skirt / Zara,  Bag / Stella McCartney, Boots / Stuart Weitzman 

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