KUUMA, Albertinkatu 6 (Ihana Essi kuvassa <3) 

I know I promised you a longer post from Helsinki. Due to the lack of material it turned out to be utopian. BUT what I will be writing about are these two wonderful cafés that had appeared to Punavuori district since my last visit. Probably a “little” late, but still hopping on the hype train!

KUUMA, Albertinkatu 6

Where to begin! Walking in here, the name really came to life. Slightly humid, but a very cozy vibe hit us already as we stepped through the door. The place is decorated with paint and tiles from bottom to top, and has great large windows that let in a bunch of light. A houseplant hanging here and there. Customers of all ages, a radiant young woman behind the counter. Voices bouncing back and forth from the stone walls, creating an inch restless but not too noisy of an atmosphere.

The menu was the thing that really blew the bank; and I ended up ordering pretty much everything on it. Reasonable pricing, nice portion sizes (shame on you health-ish cafés with dwarf sized chia puddings 10€ a piece). Scrambled eggs, avocado toast, smoothies, juices, raw bites, filled croissants, chia pudding, everything well-made and nicely put. The service was a little slow at the busiest hour, but I forgive them that.

Healthinki, Punavuorenkatu 2

Pretty much around the block you’ll find Healthinki. A relaxed, soothing environment with light tones, marble, wood and green plants. Definitely great for reading a good book, working, or perhaps meeting an old acquaintance. As the place is located on a market square, there are no bothering traffic noises. Living in the city center has made me really appreciate these quiet spaces!

I was positively surprised by the food they serve. On their website they claim to be up for Finnish super food, and they really owned it. We had raw licorice – lingonberry smoothie bowls, topped with everything imaginable: nuts & seeds, coconut flakes, peanut butter, and sea buckthorn berries. Yummy. Also the avocado toast was exquisite. We had no trouble finding seating in the morning, as around half of all seats were taken. The service was also warm and welcoming.

My other all-time favorites in Helsinki include i.a The Cock, Sis + Deli, Sandro, Date + Kale, Lungi & Andante. Something I’ve missed and should try out on my next visit?


Healthinki, Punavuorenkatu 2

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