Sunday Dinner at Riche : Coat/H&M, Bag/Givenchy, Shoes/Moncler

The bags under my eyes are socially constructed..!

Wouldn’t I just love writing “my day” posts for you. It’s just that dozens of pictures of book pages and Adobe Acrobat Reader aren’t exactly a main asset for running a style focused blog. This Wednesday I’ll submit my first exam (!), after which I’ll finally be able to catch my breath.

Today I woke up at 2am. And 4am. And, finally, 6.30am, 1,5 hours before my set alarm.

Never in my life have I had trouble sleeping. I’ve always been the one who snoozes hours longer than others at sleepovers, my friends keeping company to my parents at breakfast tables whilst I’ve been snoring in the bedroom. But, the tables have turned. Nowadays my sleep has become so fragile I’m doing everything in my power to hold on to the last bits left. I’ve also began experiencing the weirdest dreams! The other night I had this dream that I was a cat to a 40-ish woman, wiggled my tail and went around in all fours. The kind lady petted me on the back for being such a good cat, and I meowed in gratitude. Explain that, huh? Nonetheless, in my desperation I’ve come up with a few helpful practices to ease the process of falling asleep.

Some tips I’ve noticed might work for a better night’s sleep:
  • Keeping a  low temperature. I always seek to keep my bedroom at 19c, nothing more horrible that rolling around in bed for hours with a cold sweat pushing through.
  • No binging late at night. Although I usually go for long walks rather late and need to fuel myself after, I try to spoon down my last meal before 19 in order for it not to disturb my sleep. If the hunger strikes after that, I’ll opt for fruits or blueberry soup.
  • Reading a bit before bed. This has proven to be the best one. If possible, a book or a magazine, but for me it’s usually NYC Times or Hesari from my phone screen. I know, I know, screens aren’t exactly considered the best sleeping medicine; in the shortage of options I’ve tried to convince myself that the “night mode” would be less disturbing.
  • Make a to-do list of the stressful things going through the mind. Lovely to wake up at 4am only to go through next days assignments over and over again, preparing your answers mentally beforehand? This can be reduced with detailed lists of what needs to be done. It’s easy to overestimate the workload and get all stressed out!
  • Melatonin. As I relate to actual sleeping medicine with high caution, melatonin has gained a green light from me. Meant for short term usage, it has shown to be a massive help for the most desperate of times. But no medicine comes without possible side effects; research has shown that melatonin causes for example nightmares. Perhaps the cat dream was all fueled, who knows!

All tips will be received with an enormous gratitude.


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