In the era of social media it’s very easy to give and receive a superficial image of well, basically anyone. It’s often not intentional and there’s no-one to blame, but it’s good to keep in mind that there’s usually a lot going on under the surface. Here’s a mini post of what might be left unseen about me.

1. I’m a hard-boiled geek. I enjoy watching scifi, and have seen all the Alien, Predator, and Star Wars movies, to name a few. The universe with all it’s stars, galaxies, nebulas and dark matter interests me like a child, and Elon Musk is someone I really look up to. My favorite section within different newspaper releases is the science one.

2. I’m very emotional and not afraid to cry (read: I just can’t help it). Whether exhausted, stressed, sad or mad, my body reacts with tearing up. It’s very annoying to be just a 165cm and very angrily try to make a point at someone, only to notice that you begin crying and become all sad and adorable in their eyes. Arghh

3. I love the nature, and really miss it when living in town. Growing up I used to be a girl scout for 8(?) or something years. We also have always had family traditions of spending time outdoors, was it then fishing, picking mushrooms or berries. I spent my whole teenage years being furious of us not living in the city – only to find out that when I actually moved here, I miss being surrounded by nature a great deal. Fun fact, I’ve always been more excited about fishing and outdoor hobbies than any of my boyfriends, and been forced to try to lure them into the forest.

4. I experience social anxiety. The magnitude of it varies, but it’s been something I’ve had to deal with a lot during my school years. Even my closest friends are sometimes surprised when I bring this one up; for such a social and bubbly person everything just doesn’t add up. But whenever I’m in new situations with a lot of people, I get very anxious and nervous. The same goes with holding presentations; my hands get sweaty, my voice begins to tremble and my mind goes blank. This is something I need to work on, It makes me sort of sad to know that I’m talented in the subject, but the outcome gets affected by the anxiety.

(The outfit: Shirt/Banana Republic, Bag/Céline, Skirt/Zara, Shoes/Adidas Originals) 



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