Manhattan, 2015

A little something about traveling this time!

As someone who flies up to a certain amount between the two countries I call home, I’ve long ago given up traveling all fancy and prepped, and moved to the comfortable section. But what I’ve discovered, these two don’t always have to be excluding. The preparations for traveling effortlessly begin usually on the day before or even earlier.

Minimal make-up.

The evening before, I always apply a moisturizing face mask. Using a combination of C- and A-vitamin serums and a thick moisturizer I make sure the skin doesn’t have a chance to get dry in the plane. In the morning I peel the skin gently, and follow with the vitamin serums+moisturizer once again. The next step is to moisturize the feet & hands. One favorite of mine has been Veleda’s Skin Food, which holds the moisture in pretty well for longer periods of time.

I usually fly totally without. Though if I have to be somewhere directly from the airport, a tiny amount of concealer, eyebrow wax, bronzer & highlighter will have to do. I also use Bepanthen on the lips for a really moisturized, healthy plumb look.


Barcelona, 2015

What’s on, matters

Was it then shoes or clothing, everything gets suddenly a lot less comfortable when on the go. Forget about the well-tailored leather shoes or the very fitting ballerinas, honestly. My go-to shoes are, surprise surprise, sneakers or sandals (But never ever fip-flops, and if I see you wearing a pair we will have a talk). Also some relaxed boots might do, as it’s getting colder, or UGG’s. Favor natural materials that aren’t itchy, such as cashmere, silk, or cotton. Avoid tight jeans, unfitting bra, and impractical outer wear.


Kreutzberg, 2014

Take your time.

Somehow, I always end up dating people who apparently think it’s fun to sit in a taxi unsure if you’ll make it there before the gate closes or not. I could even argue that our largest fights have been around this topic.. On the other hand, my family is quite the opposite; even still, I can hear my dad’s voice in my head about remembering to be in the airport in time. “Check, double-check, check again” is one of his advice as well – which has come handy for a young lady who’s very forgetful when it comes to wallets and passports.

Drink, drink, drink.

Water, smoothies, non-alcoholic beverages. Keeping hydrated is crucial for feeling well when traveling, inside and out. And for christ’s sake, do not fly hungover – tried, never again.


Park Avenue, 2015

Don’t go for the salty or greasy foods.

Even though salted nuts, crisps, or candy are a common go-to snack when flying, I try to stick to fruits & smoothies instead. Why? Especially salt gathers a bunch of liquid to the body, which results in a very bloaty, uncomfortable feeling. Not nice when already being squeezed into a plane seat.

After flying

It definitely doesn’t stop at landing. Unpacking is the key for keeping the clothes and accessories in check and without damage from being folded for too long. Also the body needs to be looked after. A proper stretching after a day of traveling is something I’ve found very useful, combined with washing the face, hands and feet, and (once again) moisturizing eeeeeverything.


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Coat/Hafnium Copenhagen, Knit/No21, Pants/Malene Birger, Clutch/Saint Laurent, Shoes/Adidas Originals


Happy Friday!

This week has been quite something. But, the fact that I got to see so many of my close friends between the haphazard running around, makes me very satisfied. To be able to keep up with a life including so many different aspects can take it’s tall. Combining whole time studies, blogging, exercising, keeping up social relations and a well-structured diet can get a little, um, dull-ish. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t live without routines. They’re what I need to build my life upon if I wish to be productive and happy. But in order for the everyday life not to get too perfunctory, some everyday luxury is needed every once in a while.

So, what can one combine with the basics in order to make life just a little better?

I enjoy long hot showers. Not just for the purpose of getting clean and on the run, but really getting into the hot, running water without hurry or stress. This combined with a really thick, heavy hair mask, a soft bathrobe and slippers makes one feel like staying in a hotel for the evening.

Small beauty-related treats. Matching, beautiful underwear (and well-fitted!). Using a bit of highlighter, lipgloss and perfume going grocery shopping. Keeping one’s toenails always in fleek, no matter the time of the year – so you can feel the red nail polish secretly burning under your winter UGG’s.

Sheets. Need I say more? I’m a sheets fan. And a pillows fan. I make my bed every single morning, and a thing I’m not willing to bargain in is the enjoyment of a well combined bed setting. A thick thread count sheets combined with heavy down covers, as well as good pillows are a must have. And make it all match.

Giving oneself a permission to sometimes take the easy way. Go for the take out in days when cooking feels like an absolutely destructive effort. Get a tall latte on the go when the home-made brew coffee tastes even more like wood than usual. Take the uber instead of the bus when it’s raining and you’re already 20 minutes late. Money well spent is money spent on reducing stress.




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A question I get asked a lot is where to go when traveling to Stockholm, especially restaurant-wise. Us Finns visit the city quite often, was it then  on a cruise, business trips or visiting relatives; but still it somehow feels like that people are mostly familiar with fast food diners! I decided to gather a list of must-sees: delicious places to eat plus a couple of extras. The post is divided by the inner city’s main districts; Östermalm, Vasastan, Gamla Stan and Södermalm. Enjoy!


Nybrogatan 38, Nybrogatan 38 

Located in central Östermalm, Nybrogatan 38 offers a nice milieu for either lunch, dinner, drinks or brunch. Serving quite traditional dishes from tartar steaks to omelets, meatballs, risotto and eggs benedict, they maintain a delicious menu with every mealtime. Especially during weekends they’re quite booked, and just dropping in it’s unlikely to get seating – but one usually gets lucky during lunchtime.

Karla Frukt, Karlavägen 72

Also located in the area of Karlaplan, Karla Frukt serves Stockholms best selected candy! Be aware that their opening hours are quite limited, closing already at 18 on the weekday.

Snickarbacken 7, Snickarbacken 7

Near Stureplan you’ll find Snickarbacken 7, a Café with art exhibitions and a shop. On the menu there are smoothie bowls, avocado & tuna sandwiches, raw bakery and delicious lunch salads. They offer a good selection of Vegan and Vegetarian items!

Grodan Grev Ture, Grev Turegatan 16

A traditional Swedish Bistro where you’ll experience candle light dining with traditional courses. The menu includes for example elk sausage, “raggmunk”, tartar steak, lobster and mussels. The interior is simply beautiful, 1800’s style with large mirrors, dark wood and a high ceiling.

Riche, Birger Jarlsgatan 4

Riche might be Stockholm’s most well known restaurant, and it’s meatballs the best known dish. This old classic serves traditional Swedish food well made, no tricks or surprises about it. A great option for a late sunday lunch with a bloody mary on the side or a weekday dinner, for dates or work meetings. You can hardly ever go wrong with this one!

Grodan Grev Ture


Tures, Grev Turegatan 10

Located inside Sturegallerian, Tures is the place to be at lunchtime. Full of customers working nearby, the atmosphere is lively and trendy. They serve three variating lunch courses a day being 148kr, and I’ll guarantee there’s something for everyone.

Broms Karlaplan, Karlavägen 76

Broms, located near Karlaplan, is one of my personal favorites. The atmosphere is dark and full of feeling, and the food delicious. Their outdoor seating area is decorated with heaters, and suitable for dining outside even in dark autumn evenings. On the menu you’ll find traditional small and larger dishes leaning slightly towards Asian fusion food. On the weekends they have a nice brunch including different sorts of eggs, pancakes and sashimi.


Hillenberg, Humlegårdsgatan 14

Hillenberg might be the nicest Dinner restaurant in Stockholm. Every aspect of the dining experience is given attention to; there’s often a DJ playing in the background, the service is very friendly, and the food exquisite. You can also choose to just visit for drinks at the bar, where the bartenders make sure you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for. A very central location in Humlegårdsgatan leaves open the opportunity to continue the evening at nearby drink bars or clubs.

Crème, Nybrogatan 16

Recommended for drinks! Crème is a smaller place in Nybrogatan with an atmospherical lighting and music, serving nice drinks combined with great service.

Phil’s Burger, Birger Jarlsgatan 34

The best burgers in Stockholm, without a question. Phil’s burger has a couple of restaurants around town, and it’s recipe for success is simple; quality meat combined with well-made sauces and great cheese. The list is short but versatile, including a veggie option.

From up: Hillenberg, Crème

Djurgårdskanalen, Djurgården

Around 7km pathway around the canal of Djurgården, beginning right from the end of Strandvägen in Östermalm. Beautiful landscapes, houses and cafés. Perfect for an evening or a sunday walk!

Rosendals Trädgård, Rosendalterassen 12

The loveliest garden in the island of Djurgården. Inside there’s a huge garden full of apple trees, which is the nro 1 place for picnics in the summertime. Surrounded by colorful flowers, here you’ll find local families, people with their pets and young couples. Rosendahls Trädgård also has a restaurant and a plant shop, and their lunch and bakery is very delicious.

Waldermarsudde, Prins Eugens Väg 6

Waldemarsudde is an architecturally magnificent castle museum a little further in the island of Djurgården. The castle has previously been the home of the artist Prince Eugen in the late 1800’s. Presented are his work in the home museum, as well as a changing exhibition of modern art. The castle is surrounded by a wonderful garden which is blooming with all flowers imaginable in the summertime.



Café Pom & Flora, Odengatan 39

Pom & Flora is every breakfast-fans dream come true. Located in Odengatan, this wonderful breakkie oasis is open every day until 16pm. Smoothie & Acai bowls, yoghurt topped with granola & berries, Avocado toasts, Buns, Water melon… everything that one could ever imagine. We say yes to afternoon breakfasts!

Café Pascal, Norrtullsgatan 4

Café Pascal is an atmospheric little Café near the Odenplan subway. They’re focused on small food items such as sandwiches, soup, bakery, raw balls and smoothies. Really yummy and healthy!

Greasy Spoon, Hagagatan 4

An U.S Styled diner in Stockholm? Yes! Greasy spoon is worth it’s name; Pancakes of all different sorts. Besides that the menu includes a full english breakfast, bacon & eggs, banana porridge and tea + biscuits – just to mention a few. They also have a sister restaurant in Södermalm.

From up: Café Pascal, Greasy Spoon


Bistro & Grill Ruby, Österlånggatan 14

As they mention on their website, Bistro&Grill Ruby is a combination of two worlds; Paris and Texas. If you’re looking for experiencing the pulse of the beautiful old town while enjoying a delicious dinner, these are the places to head to. On the Bistro side is served Parisian dishes in Candle light, whilst on the Grill side you’ll find the best ingredients and feeling Texas-style. Grilled Tuna with beets and goat cheese recommended!

Österlånggatan 17, Österlånggatan 17

On the other side of Österlånggatan is Österlånggatan 17. This place is great for breakfast or lunch; one could enjoy for example a farmer’s omelette, Avocado toast or Grilled Halloumi Salad. The outdoor seating area opens up to a small square with a bubbly little fountain.

Österlånggatan 17


Maestro Greek Restaurant, Ringvägen 82

Hands up who loves Greek food? I bet you rised yours. Maestro is hands down (pun intended) the best Greek in Stockholm. Located in Skanstull, it’s slightly off from the city-center, but not further than 10min subway ride. As Stockholm’s pricing might feel an inch high at times, Maestro is a fresh surprise. Taken the amazingly tasty food and large portion sizes, the pricing is very reasonable. Tzatsiki, freshly baked bread, chicken and beef souvlakis, moussaka, Baklava… nearly too many treats to choose from! The personnel could also receive a star from the service, and thus a great dinner experience is guaranteed.

Kvarnen, Tjärhovsgatan 4

Kvarnen, founded in 1908, is located in the heart of Söder in Medborgarplatsen. The old bistro doesn’t look too special from the outside, but has something hidden; the best brunch in town. There are probably 30 variating brunch dishes, not to mention the several cakes and waffles for dessert. Sausages, fish, salty and sweet pies, olives, bacon, eggs, salads, coffee.. I swear you’ll not feel hungry the whole day.


That’s all this time, remember to keep these in mind the next time when visiting town. I’m off to doing laundry, have a nice week peeps!


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KUUMA, Albertinkatu 6 (Ihana Essi kuvassa <3) 

I know I promised you a longer post from Helsinki. Due to the lack of material it turned out to be utopian. BUT what I will be writing about are these two wonderful cafés that had appeared to Punavuori district since my last visit. Probably a “little” late, but still hopping on the hype train!

KUUMA, Albertinkatu 6

Where to begin! Walking in here, the name really came to life. Slightly humid, but a very cozy vibe hit us already as we stepped through the door. The place is decorated with paint and tiles from bottom to top, and has great large windows that let in a bunch of light. A houseplant hanging here and there. Customers of all ages, a radiant young woman behind the counter. Voices bouncing back and forth from the stone walls, creating an inch restless but not too noisy of an atmosphere.

The menu was the thing that really blew the bank; and I ended up ordering pretty much everything on it. Reasonable pricing, nice portion sizes (shame on you health-ish cafés with dwarf sized chia puddings 10€ a piece). Scrambled eggs, avocado toast, smoothies, juices, raw bites, filled croissants, chia pudding, everything well-made and nicely put. The service was a little slow at the busiest hour, but I forgive them that.

Healthinki, Punavuorenkatu 2

Pretty much around the block you’ll find Healthinki. A relaxed, soothing environment with light tones, marble, wood and green plants. Definitely great for reading a good book, working, or perhaps meeting an old acquaintance. As the place is located on a market square, there are no bothering traffic noises. Living in the city center has made me really appreciate these quiet spaces!

I was positively surprised by the food they serve. On their website they claim to be up for Finnish super food, and they really owned it. We had raw licorice – lingonberry smoothie bowls, topped with everything imaginable: nuts & seeds, coconut flakes, peanut butter, and sea buckthorn berries. Yummy. Also the avocado toast was exquisite. We had no trouble finding seating in the morning, as around half of all seats were taken. The service was also warm and welcoming.

My other all-time favorites in Helsinki include i.a The Cock, Sis + Deli, Sandro, Date + Kale, Lungi & Andante. Something I’ve missed and should try out on my next visit?


Healthinki, Punavuorenkatu 2

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