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Good Morning from Helsinki!

I’m writing this as I’m sitting on a hairdresser. A weekend full of family-time, meeting old and new friends, talking my mothers tongue, watching Finnish TV, and walking around the beautiful November Helsinki has made me feel so fulfilled. I’ve managed to do some essay writing as well once in a while, so no slacking this vacay! As my dirty blonde roots had grown quite long, I decided that now was the time to book a treat for myself and go have my hair fixed. Definitely a good decision, it’s raining outside and having someone pamper me on a Monday morning feels like luxury.

Saturday was All Hallows’ day, and our family spent it in a Mozart concert at Johanneksenkirkko. Then on Sunday we had an afternoon brunch at Sandro. As I’ll be away a week from now on Fathers’ day, we decided on celebrating a week early! A wonderful combination of salty and sweet flavors, mint tea, tender lamb and hummus was the bees knees – I ate so much I couldn’t imagine having a single bite before 9pm.

Somehow, all of my friends from Stockholm seem to be in town as well. On Friday right after arriving, I was walking down a street in Helsinki, and heard someone calling my name. Turning around, the first familiar face I saw on my trip was a friend from Stockholm. Then last night we got together with the Stockholm girl gang for drinks; actually a very weird but pleasant feeling seeing these babes in Helsinki!

Enjoying a Monday off, I’ll be going around town running necessary errands (Like buying Finnish licorice). Probably spending some time at the library, too. Have a good week guys!


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Manhattan, 2015

A little something about traveling this time!

As someone who flies up to a certain amount between the two countries I call home, I’ve long ago given up traveling all fancy and prepped, and moved to the comfortable section. But what I’ve discovered, these two don’t always have to be excluding. The preparations for traveling effortlessly begin usually on the day before or even earlier.

Minimal make-up.

The evening before, I always apply a moisturizing face mask. Using a combination of C- and A-vitamin serums and a thick moisturizer I make sure the skin doesn’t have a chance to get dry in the plane. In the morning I peel the skin gently, and follow with the vitamin serums+moisturizer once again. The next step is to moisturize the feet & hands. One favorite of mine has been Veleda’s Skin Food, which holds the moisture in pretty well for longer periods of time.

I usually fly totally without. Though if I have to be somewhere directly from the airport, a tiny amount of concealer, eyebrow wax, bronzer & highlighter will have to do. I also use Bepanthen on the lips for a really moisturized, healthy plumb look.


Barcelona, 2015

What’s on, matters

Was it then shoes or clothing, everything gets suddenly a lot less comfortable when on the go. Forget about the well-tailored leather shoes or the very fitting ballerinas, honestly. My go-to shoes are, surprise surprise, sneakers or sandals (But never ever fip-flops, and if I see you wearing a pair we will have a talk). Also some relaxed boots might do, as it’s getting colder, or UGG’s. Favor natural materials that aren’t itchy, such as cashmere, silk, or cotton. Avoid tight jeans, unfitting bra, and impractical outer wear.


Kreutzberg, 2014

Take your time.

Somehow, I always end up dating people who apparently think it’s fun to sit in a taxi unsure if you’ll make it there before the gate closes or not. I could even argue that our largest fights have been around this topic.. On the other hand, my family is quite the opposite; even still, I can hear my dad’s voice in my head about remembering to be in the airport in time. “Check, double-check, check again” is one of his advice as well – which has come handy for a young lady who’s very forgetful when it comes to wallets and passports.

Drink, drink, drink.

Water, smoothies, non-alcoholic beverages. Keeping hydrated is crucial for feeling well when traveling, inside and out. And for christ’s sake, do not fly hungover – tried, never again.


Park Avenue, 2015

Don’t go for the salty or greasy foods.

Even though salted nuts, crisps, or candy are a common go-to snack when flying, I try to stick to fruits & smoothies instead. Why? Especially salt gathers a bunch of liquid to the body, which results in a very bloaty, uncomfortable feeling. Not nice when already being squeezed into a plane seat.

After flying

It definitely doesn’t stop at landing. Unpacking is the key for keeping the clothes and accessories in check and without damage from being folded for too long. Also the body needs to be looked after. A proper stretching after a day of traveling is something I’ve found very useful, combined with washing the face, hands and feet, and (once again) moisturizing eeeeeverything.


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….To not perhaps such a surprising destination, Helsinki.

It’s been since Summer since I’ve last visited home. As I mentioned in the last post, there’s a lot going on University-wise at the moment – but I was still able to squeeze a trip to fri-tue! What would be a better place to do some studying than beside mom’s cooking pots. Whenever I travel home, a switch from Adult to Kid goes on in my head. And I think it goes the same way for my folks. Every time I move into my old room for a couple of days, they instantly begin phoning me “when are you coming home” and “dinner’s at 7” if I’m out at town. Which is so precious.

Had I had the possibility to live with my parents, I probably would have for half a year or a year longer. Beginning University itself is quite a large step in someone’s life, not to mention moving far away from ones family while doing it. What I really long for is having relaxed weekend dinners at my parents’ place. Having someone to meet me at the airport when coming home (Although they’re in the Helsinki end!). Being able to call upon an emergency family meeting when something terrible happens. Or just going for a walk and talk whenever needed. These every day things you miss out on when living abroad.

I don’t think I’ve told anyone I’m coming. My essay won’t write itself, and I need to focus mainly on that. Besides family, of course. I would love to be able to meet friends as well, but perhaps that needs to wait until the longer Christmas break.

Bargaining on flights, I’m flying 6.40 tomorrow. If anyone sees a zombie girl with way too much hand luggage at Arlanda, don’t hesitate to high five me!


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As some of you who follow my Instagram might’ve noticed, mom was visiting me this weekend here in Stockholm. And we had such a blast! On Sunday evening when she left, I couldn’t help but to tear up. Living abroad makes these moments with Family feel ever so special and appreciated.

As I’ve grown up as the only child in the family, I think the three of us have become even closer than usual.

With mom we have our own world in a way, including hobbies, traditions and jokes, to name a few. Our time together consists of a lot of deep talks and guiding (Mostly from her side, but I do have my moments as well, especially with technology). One of the most important things she’s taught me is that feelings ought to be let out and not kept in. Thus we sometimes argue, yell, bang our heads against the wall and cry. After which we make up and continue our everyday life. It’s been valuable for me in a way of showing that conflicts between people are sometimes unavoidable, but can be talked through and agreed upon.

The weekend provided us with a fantastic weather: the only gloomy day was the Thursday she arrived. One of our traditions when traveling is to spend time seeing culture. This weekend, we visited a total of four museums: Fotografiska, Sven-Harry’s, Nordiska Museet, and Östasiatiska. The second and the latter were totally new experiences for me even though I’ve lived here for over a year, and would definitely recommend them for anyone remotely interested in arts, culture & history! Sven-Harry’s, located near Vasaparken, offers also magnificent architecture as the building has a wonderful roof top terrace. Östasiatiska on the other hand exhibits the traditional arts from regions in East-Asia with fascinating results.

Apart from the museums, the weekend included lots of eating well and walking around the city. Being able to put on hold both studies and the every day life meant that it was a proper staycation for me as well. Nothing better than being able to put aside domestic chores for a few nights, and enjoying a good breakfast!

Now as she’s gone, I’m getting back to blogging and studying. Hopefully everyone has had a great week so far!




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